NFL: AFC big-hitters Denver Broncos and LA Chargers face-off

Two of the AFC West’s best teams go head to head on Tuesday night as the Denver Broncos play Loss Angeles Chargers.

This is an interesting fixture right from the get go, with new coaches on both sides of the field.

Vance Joseph is now head coach at Denver and I’m curious to see how this team gets on after missing the play-offs last year, with the focus being on the quarterback players. It will be interesting to see what an already proficient defence has become after being paired with a brilliant defensive-minded coach.

Quarterback Trevor Siemian will be getting the start here, a job that he has managed to secure over two different regimes. Now he has Mike McCoy who will put him in a good place to succeed.

Despite many feeling that Siemian needs to be more aggressive and take shots, I think that actually he just needs to minimise turnovers and use his run game, much like he did last season when he won four straight to start the year before his injury.

The defence is still stout enough to carry them and if they want to get deep in the play offs then they can get there with Siemian. He has a leadership aspect that people don’t talk about very much and clearly picked up the new offence very well.

In terms of the Chargers, Joey Bosa is one to take note of. Going back to college, where he was suspended for the start of the season and got ejected from a ball game for targeting DeSean Kaiser, many thought he would turn out to be a wild, party personality but he has proven since that he is all about work, being in shape and becoming the best he can be.

He has been impressive in pre-season and this is the year he can become one of the great stars on the west coast for LA.

Another misjudged player is rightback Melvin Gordon who, in his rookie year, said he knows he drops the metaphorical ball – but last year we saw his true self. He racked up 12 touchdowns in 13 appearances, running 1400 yards per-game.

He was out last year with knee and hip injuries so it will be interesting to see how much training he has put in over summer, something which will be evident in Tuesday’s game.

In the wider context of the AFC West, there are the Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos – making it difficult for the Chargers to be anything better than the fourth-best team around.

It”s the start of the new season and there isn’t much else to go on just yet so I would think that the Broncos are going to take this game at 1.66 with

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