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Reach for the top: How to bet on Sport Climbing at the 2024 Olympics

Reach for the top: How to bet on Sport Climbing at the 2024 Olympics

Sport Climbing is one of the newest sports in the Olympics. Its official debut was in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but this year’s competition is more exciting with the recent changes. Before you bet, find out more about this new and exciting addition to the Olympics.

Sport Climbing events in the 2024 Paris Olympics will be held from August 5 to 10 at Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue. With a total of four competitive events for both men’s and women’s divisions, get ready to place your bets on the best climbers at the Olympics with this guide.

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Sport Climbing at the Olympics: What you should know

Sport Climbing is a modern sport that originates from traditional rock climbing. One of the newest additions to the Olympic sports roster, it tests a climber’s strength, agility, and problem-solving skills when they navigate a wall route. There are three distinct disciplines in the Olympics: lead, speed, and bouldering.

Each one showcases the skillsets of an Olympic climber. Here are the key differences of the three disciplines:

  • Speed climbing — Climbers compete on a 15m high and five degree-inclined wall. Secured by ropes and harnesses, they start at the bottom and race to the top, with the fastest time advancing to the next round. Athletes must follow a designated climbing route without falling or using artificial aids.

  • Lead climbing — Athletes attempt to reach the highest point possible of a 15m wall within a set time limit. Attached to a rope anchored at the top, they must plan their route and use their technical skills to climb as far as possible. Climbers are scored based on the height they reached.

  • Bouldering — This discipline tests power and problem-solving skills. Here, climbers navigate a 4.5m wall within a specific time limit without ropes or harnesses. They have to rely solely on the crash pads below for safety. The less number of attempts, the better.

2024 Olympics format and event changes

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there are only two events in the Sport Climbing category: Men’s Combined and Women’s Combined divisions. This means that men and women climbers compete in an event that showcases all the three disciplines (Speed, Lead, and Bouldering) simultaneously.

However, the 2020 Olympics events were criticised in the Sport Climbing community. Speed climbing should have been a separate event from Lead and Bouldering since these disciplines show varying skills and strategies.

Now, the 2024 Paris Olympics is updating the Sport Climbing events to showcase the disciplines in the Olympic stage the right way. Speed Climbing is now officially a separate event. Here are the events to expect in August:

  • Men’s Speed Climbing event

  • Women’s Speed Climbing event

  • Men’s Combined (Lead and Bouldering) event

  • Women’s Combined (Lead and Bouldering) event

How do athletes qualify for the Sport Climbing 2024 Olympic event?

For the combined boulder and lead event, climbers qualify based on their results at the 2023 World Championships, Pan American Games, and IFSC Continental Olympic events. Only 20 athletes per gender can qualify for this event. Qualification for the speed climbing event is similar, except only 14 athletes per gender can qualify.

France, as the host country, gets one automatic qualifier per gender. One additional spot per gender will be awarded through a ‘Universality Places’ system to increase representation.

Climbers have the final shot to reach the Paris Olympics through the Olympic Qualifying Series (OQS). There will be a total of 160 climbers and they earn points based on their finish. The top 12 scorers in the men's and women’s divisions qualify for Paris.

However, a country can only send a maximum of two climbers per gender. If a country has reached this quota, the spot will go to the next best climber who isn't blocked by this rule.

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Who should you look out for in the 2024 Sport Climbing Olympics?

The 2024 Paris Olympics will be a unique showcase for Sport Climbing with its new competition format. This opens the door for a wider range of climbers to shine. Here are some countries to look out for in the men’s and women’s events:

Boulder and lead event:

  • Slovenia: A powerhouse in climbing, Slovenia boasts reigning Olympic champion Janja Garnbret. Garnbret dominated the Tokyo Games in the Combined event. Now, she’s in an even more favourable position as one of the world’s best ranking Boulder and Lead climbers.

  • Japan: For the men’s division, Tomoa Narasaki will go for a better finish this year after placing fourth in the 2020 Olympics. He is known for being a consistent IFSC World Cup and World Champion contender. Meanwhile, Ai Mori will represent the women’s division. The 20-year-old is known as the first Japanese climber to win the gold in a World Championships (Lead climbing).

  • USA: Colin Duffy is one of America’s strongest contenders for the podium. At only 20 years old, Duffy has already won gold in both Lead and Bouldering events of the 2022 World Cup. Meanwhile, Natalia Grossman made it to the 2024 Olympics by winning the 2023 Pan American Games (Boulder and Lead Combined). Her recent victory marks her as a formidable climber for the Olympic gold.

Speed climbing event:

  • China: Long Jinbao is expected to make waves in the Speed climbing event, after he won Silver at the 2023 World Rock Climbing Championships. For the women’s division, Deng Lijuan is primed for a gold medal finish after winning the 2023 IFSC World Cup. She had a victorious speed climbing run of 6.58 seconds in the tournament.

  • Poland: The Polish team is gunning for the gold with Aleksandra Miroslaw. She currently holds the women’s speed climbing world record of 6.25 seconds.

  • Indonesia: Desak Made Rita Kusuma Dewi (Women’s division) and Rahmad Adi Mulyono (Men’s division) are putting Indonesia on the map of world class Sport Climbing. They are both considered as rising athletes to watch out for in the Speed climbing category.

How to place bets on Sport Climbing at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Sport Climbing is an individual competition in the Olympics. Men and women climbers earn a placement in the medal podium for their speed or climbing strategies, based on the event they’re playing in. Follow these easy steps to place a bet at

  1. For new punters, you can easily sign up at Once you have an account, top it up by depositing funds you’ll use to bet on the Olympics.

  2. Click ‘Deposit’ on the top right part of the page, and choose your preferred currency.

  3. After your top up, choose which Sport Climbing betting markets you want to wager on. Don’t forget to always check the odds first before placing your predictions.

  4. Your chosen predictions will automatically be added to your bet slip. This is located at the bottom right part of the page. Input your stake and double check your bets. Enable’s Price Boost feature and check if there are any active promotions you can claim to maximise your payouts if your bets are successful.

  5. Click ‘Place bet’ once you’re ready to finalise your wagers. Once done, you can check your active bets on your account to monitor your bets and results.

Betting markets

You’re betting on the specific athlete’s skill against their other high-ranking competitors. Here are the most common Sport Climbing betting markets:

  • Winner bet: Simply wager on who you think will win each of the Sport Climbing events at the Olympics. Bet from the early rounds and all the way to the finals. Since this is an Olympic event, you can make predictions on Gold, Silver, and Bronze placements.

  • ‘Yes/No’ markets: Simply answer the questions about the Sport Climbing events by either a Yes or No. There are corresponding odds to both the answers to help you with your predictions.

  • Prop bets: Wager on different outcomes aside from who wins the Sport Climbing events. These vary from final score results, speed climbing durations, and many more.

  • Outrights: Unlike the winner bet, outrights betting lets you predict who wins the men’s and women’s events in the finals. This means you’re placing wagers on medal placements, particularly for Gold.

Betting tips on the 2024 Olympics’ Sport Climbing events

The new format and diverse skill sets in the 2024 Sport Climbing Olympics open exciting opportunities for sports betting. Here are some key tips to maximise your chances of winning:

Master bankroll management

Set a realistic budget for your Olympic bets and stick to it. Don't chase losses and spread your bets strategically across different climbers and events.

Know the climbers

There will be a total of 68 climbers competing in the Sport Climbing Olympics. Research their recent high-level competition results. Climbers in peak form with consistent podium finishes are more likely to excel at the Olympics.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is the official governing body for competitive climbing. You can check the athletes who placed in both the 2023 IFSC World Cup and World Championships and review their performance as well.

Consider event dynamics

Different climbing events require distinct skill sets. Assess how each athlete's strengths and weaknesses align with the specific demands of each event. This can provide valuable insights into potential upsets or dark horse contenders.

Look for value bets

While obvious favourites have the highest probability of winning, they often have lower payouts. Seek out potential value bets on athletes who are underestimated but have a realistic chance of winning.

For instance, Aleksandra Miroslaw lost in the quarter-finals of the same tournament where Deng Lijuan won. Make sure to check the climber’s recent form before they compete in their respective events.

Stay informed on the latest Olympics updates

Continuously monitor news, injury reports, and any last-minute changes that could impact the competition. This will allow you to quickly adjust your bets and strategies as new information becomes available.

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Get the most value out of your Sport Climbing Olympic bets with, the ultimate crypto bookmaker. Here, you can enjoy our wide range of betting markets, competitive odds, and a plethora of promotions and bonuses available that can increase your winning odds.

For a better wagering experience, here are some features you should not miss out on:

  • Bet sharing: With Telegram or WhatsApp, you can share your bet slips with friends or fellow punters. This lets you interact with a community of bettors, compare predictions, and see who wins big in Olympic Sport Climbing.

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Now you’re all set to start betting on the Sport Climbing events at the 2024 Olympics with! Make sure not to miss out on exciting promos that can enhance your Olympic experience and improve your chances of earning higher crypto payouts.

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