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Watch your enemies perish in Alien Hunter!

Experience an online game like no other when you place your bets in Alien Hunter and eliminate all foes that stand in your way. The more enemies you beat, the closer you become to bringing home the jackpot of 888x your bet!

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Video Slots

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888x your bet

Alien Hunter: Choose your warrior and head off to battle

You will first have to choose your hero upon starting casino slot Alien Hunter. Three options give you the chance to bet on a minimum amount of €0.01 to a maximum of €10. See the list below to learn more about the initial bets:

  • Choosing the Junior Warrior allows you to make a bet from €0.01 to €0.5
  • Choosing the Expert Warrior allows you to make a bet from €0.1 to €5
  • Choosing the Godlike Warrior allows you to make a bet from €1 to €10.

How to play casino slot Alien Hunter

Casino slot Alien Hunter is unlike any other slot game you’ve come across because it does not have the typical reels and paylines. Your goal is to use your chosen warrior and eliminate all of the foes in your way by clicking on them. Once you take down characters, you receive their corresponding rewards so the more you kill, the more often you win prizes!

Low-paying Characters

The low-paying symbols of the game come in the form of a mouse, lizard, rabbit, squirrel, turtle, deer and a snake. Check the table below to see each character’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:




2x your bet


3x your bet


4x your bet


5x your bet


6x your bet


7x your bet


8x your bet

Mid-paying Characters

A monkey, sheep, wolf, horse, zebra, boar and a panther serve as the mid-paying characters of the game. Check the table below to see each character’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:




9x your bet


10x your bet


11x your bet


14x your bet


16x your bet


18x your bet


20x your bet

High-paying Characters

The high-paying characters you will have to defeat come in the form of a tiger, lion, bear, elephant and the alien monster. Check the table below to see each character’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:




25x your bet


30 to 60x your bet


40 to 80x your bet


50 to 100x your bet

Alien monster

50 to 500x your bet

Special characters

There are several special characters in the game, and some of them can give you instant payouts or bonus features that will help you in your fight against the aliens. Take a look at the table below to see the special characters or weapons and what you can expect at maximum wager:




Xeno Killer

Shoot the large yellow structure to win more rewards

10x to 300x your bet

Turbo Blaster

Rewards you with 30-100 free bullets

30x your bet


Releases a shuriken and shoots at different enemies

40x to 80x your bet

Bio Crawler

Releases a toxic gas to kill enemies in the area

40x to 100x your bet

Titan Engineer

Provide you with a random reward after spinning the bonus wheel

80x to 600x your bet

Alien Invader

Shoot The Invader to reveal its true form

50x to 100x your bet

The Vanquisher

Shoot The Vanquisher to enlist it on your side and allow it to kill the other creatures

100x to 688x your bet

Stealth Hunter

Shoot the Stealth Hunter to deactivate its stealth mode

50x to 100x your bet

Champion Hunter

Shoot the Champion Hunter so it will explode and kill the other creatures around it as well

100x to 488x your bet

Fallen Hunter

Shoot the Fallen Hunter for it to explode and kill other creatures around it as well.

888x your bet

Bonus Features

Random Prize

While you are playing, you will notice that a random treasure box can occasionally make its way to your screen when you beat aliens. These will give an instant payout depending on the strength of the alien you just defeated. See the list below to learn the payouts:

  • The Silver Box rewards 2x to 10x your bet
  • The Platinum Box rewards 10x to 50x your bet
  • The Ultimax Box rewards 100x to 500x your bet.

Buy Feature

If you want to strengthen your arsenal, then make some additional bets and try to buy features! These will help you beat more creatures and increase your chances of winning.

  • Using the Rogue Warrior can help you win 10x to 250x your bet
  • Using the Landmine can help you win 20x to 500x your bet
  • Using the Thermal Blaze can help you win 20x to 888x your bet.

Winged foes and space monsters await in Alien Hunter!

At first, you might be intimidated by the extensive interface of casino slot Alien Hunter. The futuristic designs and bright lights are enough to guide you to the battlefield and see the different options available. Various skill selections and buy features can all be accessed with just one click as you play to the intense, heroic music of the game.

Alien Hunter: An epic intergalactic battle to remember

Unleash your inner Tiger Warrior and wish hard on your Three Lucky Stars in the hopes of winning against the different alien creatures. If you are lucky enough, then a jackpot of 888x your bet will be yours to take home!

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