Loot or Boot


Fun mode

Real mode

Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.05 - 10 mBTC


Medium-high volatility


Not included

Ride the waves of riches in casino slot Loot or Boot!

On a lone island far away from any other habitat, a treasure is buried deep within the sandy shores. It is up to you to host an expedition to retrieve the lost jewels and riches. Land yourself on a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean and dig your way through the golden sand to find the jackpot prize worth up to 15,000 mBTC!

Loot or Boot Details



Game Type

Video Slots



Difficulty levels

5 levels



Minimum Bet

0.05 mBTC 

Maximum Bet

10 mBTC 


15,000 mBTC 

Loot or Boot: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of Loot or Boot?

Loot or Boot has an appealing RTP of 95%.

What is the volatility of Loot or Boot?

The volatility of Loot or Boot is medium-high.

What is the max win available for Loot or Boot?

The maximum coin win in Loot or Boot is set at 15,000 mBTC.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Loot or Boot?

The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.05 mBTC and the maximum bet is 10 mBTC.

Loot or Boot: Will you find the treasure in time? 

Prepare to ride the waves of treasures and bonuses in Loot or Boot. This unique game takes you on a thrilling treasure hunt across the lone island. Dig where the X marks the spot and reveal riches that would make a sailor cry. 

Place your wager and dig through the map while avoiding the stinky boot. Here are the details you need to know about Loot or Boot: 

How to play Loot or Boot

Loot or Boot is a fun and simple game of minesweeper. There are 5 levels of this game: easy, medium, hard, extreme and nightmare. Each level has its own sets of win value ladders that you need to get past if you want to reach a higher multiplier for your wager and win the round. 

To start digging and playing, select your wager amount and difficulty level. After that, you can hit the play button. 

This will transform the first step in the winning level into a bright red ribbon with four shovels underneath it. Select the shovel that you want and it would reveal either a treasure or bomb. If you dig up the treasure, you can proceed to the next step or collect your winning. If not, the game would be over and you have to place another wager.    

Difficulty levels 

Find your hidden treasures and uncover riches beyond your wildest dreams! Spot the elixir, key, gold coin, coin pouch and treasure box on the map all acting as different difficulty levels from easy to nightmare respectively. Check out the possible payouts for each difficulty level below: 








126.66 mBTC

142.50 mBTC

190 mBTC

285 mBTC

380 mBTC


168.88 mBTC

213.75 mBTC

380 mBTC

855 mBTC

1,520 mBTC


211.10 mBTC

288.86 mBTC

612.90 mBTC

2,052 mBTC

4,750 mBTC


281.48 mBTC

433.27 mBTC

1,225.80 mBTC

6,156 mBTC

19,000 mBTC


375.30 mBTC

649.90 mBTC

2,451.50 mBTC

18,468 mBTC

76,000 mBTC


441.55 mBTC

799.10 mBTC

3,313 mBTC

34,627 mBTC

176,750 mBTC


588.70 mBTC

1,198.60 mBTC

6,626 mBTC




785 mBTC

1,798 mBTC

13,252 mBTC




910.10 mBTC

2,123.60 mBTC

17,210 mBTC



Bonus feature


Win multipliers appear randomly at any level in Loot or Boot. The higher your level is on the game, the higher your multipliers will be. Get a wave of loots and treasures and dig the sand for more payouts! Here are the multipliers you can get on each level:

  • Play at level 9 to receive a 10x multiplier 
  • Play at level 6 to receive 5x multipliers 
  • Play at level 3 to receive 2x multipliers.

In case you land several multipliers during one round of Loot or Boot, these multipliers would be added together and their product would be the multiplier applied to your base win value. 

Loot or Boot: Get lost in the sea of treasures! 

This amazing game by OneTouch will take you to an island in the middle of the ocean. As crystalline waters hit the sandy shore, tools for a treasure hunt lay before you to lead you to your next adventure in the casino. 

Deep beneath the golden sands of the shore, you will find the treasure map that would lead you to your desired wins. Spot which places to dig and reach the end of the level to win jaw-dropping payouts. Use your compass and find your way to victory in Loot or Boot!  

Pull the sails and ride the waves to the jackpot! 

Watch your payout hike up every time you dig the right loot from the sand. It’s time to see if you can survive the Wacky Wildlife as you travel across the world in search of the Traveling Treasures Africa. Hop on to your next adventure on the seven seas today and place your bets on your next expedition. 

Loot or Boot

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