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Enter the zombie-infested city of Spadegaming with your guns hot and ready. In this world, defeating zombies comes with greater rewards than just your survival. Each zombie you target awards a significant amount that will have you cheering even amidst a zombie apocalypse.

Traverse the land of the undead in casino slot Zombie Party and experience chilling gameplay where you can take home bone-chilling rewards. 

Get ready to be carried away by a world of elements where you can meet Frankenstein and the zombie leader. Plus don't forget your digital wallet, because you can win in Zombie Party using cryptocurrency! Not convinced yet? Don't worry, we have all the Zombie Party info you need, so you can enjoy this game to the max!

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Wanting to know more? Check out for all the info you need! Have a look at the paytable for the low-down on the bonus options and all the possibilities of winning. If you have a good run, you may win a sweet prize!



Game Type

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Release Date

28 June 2021

Min - Max Bet

0.01 - 10 coins

Bonus Features


Digital wallet friendly

Zombie Party for crypto

Zombie Party: Fire up the confetti after big wins

Gameplay & Features

Zombie Party is a player favourite according to recent rankings in many regions, so why not give it a spin? With bonuses such as Free Spins and Shooting Game, you’ll get the chance to boost your wins. 

With Zombie Party, you're sure to have a good time, so don't be shy when placing your wagers. Fun is just a few clicks away! Make as little as a 0.01 coins bet or as much as a 10 coins bet while enjoying extra features such as bonus symbols. And there's more good news to come: remember, with Zombie Party, you can place your bets with virtual currency too!

Ready, set, aim as you play Zombie Party

Low-paying Symbols

Younger zombies that comes in colours blue to green function as the low-paying symbols of the game.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:



Ribbon Girl Zombie 

2x your bet

Blue Boy zombie

3x your bet

Furry Zombie

5x your bet

Emo Zombie

8x your bet

Square-head Xombie

10x your bet

Dollar Sign Zombie

12x your bet

Hooded Zombie

15x your bet

High-paying Symbols

The high-paying symbols of the game comes in the form of various types of creatures, from soldiers to animals.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Bearded Zombie

30x your bet

Fox Zombie

50x your bet

Bird Zombie

50x your bet

Soldier Zombie

80x your bet

Timer Bomb Zombie

10x to 60x your bet

Kappa Zombie

20x your bet

Special Symbols

Skull Rider Zombie

The Skull Rider Zombie appears as an undead person wearing a red jacket with their skull ablaze. The symbol is one of the Special VIP symbol types and it awards free spins once you manage to take the zombie down.

Bonus Features

And there's more, this is the full list of important characteristics for you to enjoy:

  • Bonus symbols
  • FreeSpins
  • Shooting game.

Random Prize

After killing any of the regular zombies, you’ll be rewarded with a gemstones that awards the following:

  • Ruby rewards 5 to 10 x your bet.
  • Jade rewards 10 to 50x your bet.
  • Diamond rewards 100x to 500x your bet.

Special VIP Zombie types

The Special VIP Zombie types carry additional features aside from their respective paylines. These are:

  • Full Screen Bomb - The Timer Bomb Zombie triggers an explosion that removes all the zombies that award 12 points below.
  • Full Screen Freze - One you defeat the Kappa Zombie, you’ll be rewarded with 20x your bet and it freezes the screen for 10 seconds to hold the zombies in place while you target them.
  • Free Game - Taking down the Skull Rider Zombie will reward you with 20 free hits.


Let's go for it! You can win in Zombie Party whatever your currency, so that includes Zombie Party for Bitcoin too!

Zombie Party: Enter the city with guns blazing

It’s clear that the world as you know it is gone as soon as Zombie Party begins. Upon entering the game, you’ll be asked whether your play style is that of a Junior, Expert, or Godlike. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll face zombies walking on the streets of Spadegaming. Aim your weapons and target them to claim big rewards in this high-thrill slot!

Buckle up for a fun ride with Zombie Party slot! One of the big perks of this game is its low minimum bet which is sure to have general appeal to all players. 

If you are looking for great functionality, graphics and gameplay, Zombie Party is certainly the right choice. There's a wide range of features that will completely enchant you as you enjoy playing. Now, with Zombie Party, it's really easy to enjoy playing! Come on in and join the action!

Act like a Crazy Bomber as you target one zombie after another as they walk on the streets of Spadegaming. Rid the world of these frightening creatures to claim a big Highway Fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Zombie Party?

The min bet is relatively low at 0.01 coins and the maximum bet is 10 coins.

Can you play Zombie Party using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


Can you play Zombie Party on mobile?

Yes - so you can play on the go!

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