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    Make your fortune when you play Deal or No Deal

    Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular game shows; it has made plenty of lucky participants into millionaires with one lucky briefcase. Now, you can experience the same rewarding gameplay when you play the game at home. Don’t waste more time and start analysing the briefcases to claim rewards from the game’s banker!

    Evolution directly brings the popular TV game show to your screen in Deal or No Deal. This exciting live game show variation offers familiar yet unique gameplay for online punters at Sportsbet.io. Put your prediction skills to the test when you play the game today using your phone, PC, or tablet!

    Deal or No Deal Details



    Game Type

    Video Slot



    Minimum Bet

    0.40 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    3,600 USDT


    500x your stake

    Deal or No Deal: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the RTP of Deal or No Deal?

    Deal or No Deal has an appealing RTP of 95.42%

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Deal or No Deal?

    The minimum bet is 0.40 USDT and the maximum bet is 3,600 USDT.

    Gameplay guide: How to play Deal or No Deal

    If you’re looking for a thrilling live casino game, there’s no better choice than Evolution’s Deal or No Deal. The game is a casino variation of the popular TV show of the same name. However, the game's mechanics differ from traditional gameplay to make the popular title more exciting.

    Are you excited to participate in this thrilling game? Make sure you know how to play by following our guide below:

    1. The objective of the game

    In the traditional game, the player chooses one of the briefcases that contain varying prizes. The banker will then offer the player money in exchange for the briefcase’s content, and the player has to decide whether to take the deal. 

    While the same concept applies in this online variation of Deal or No Deal, the gameplay is largely different. Instead of choosing a briefcase, you aim to predict whether the amount for the last 16 briefcases contains a higher value than the banker’s offer. 

    1. Qualifying for the game

    Not all punters can participate in every Evolution’s Deal or No Deal round. If you want to compete, join during the qualification round. This portion of the game transpires on a wheel which consists of three rings and a golden portion within it.

    To qualify during this round, place your wager and spin the wheel until the golden section on the rings align. Each spin you take sets the briefcase with the highest prize to 75x to 500x your bet. 

    1. Top up portion

    When you qualify for the round, another wheel called the ‘top up’ wheel will appear. This enables you to increase the amount of money in your briefcase by 5x to 50x your stake.

    1. The game show begins

    The main game starts once the previous sections have been completed. During this period, the Banker will start opening briefcases to reveal the varying prizes it contains. After doing so, the Banker will make their first of four ‘Deal or No Deal’ offers to you. 

    1. Briefcase opening and Banker’s offers

    There are four total times the banker will make an offer to you. The amount they’ll offer in exchange for the briefcase depends on the briefcases that have been opened. As long as the biggest possible payout remains unopened, there’s a big chance the Banker’s offer will progressively increase. 

    To give you more insight about this portion of the game, check the flow of the gameplay below:

    • First opening and offer - 3 briefcases are opened at the start of the round, leaving behind 13 unopened briefcases. The Banker will make their offer based on the prizes revealed.

    • Second opening and offer - Four more random briefcases are opened during the second round before the banker makes another ‘Deal or No Deal’ offer.

    • Third opening and offer - Four additional briefcases are opened, followed by the Banker’s offer.

    • Fourth opening and final offer - Three more briefcases are opened during the fourth and final rounds. This leaves behind the last two remaining briefcases. During this period, the punters have three options: Take the Banker’s offer and collect the pay, claim the prize indicated on the chosen briefcase, switch your briefcase with the other remaining one and claim its prize.

    Meet the elusive Banker on Deal or No Deal

    Evolution brings yet another popular live game show in Deal or No Deal. Though the game takes inspiration from the popular TV show, the casino variant offers unique gameplay that will keep punters on their toes. Participate in one of the most thrilling live game shows here at Sportsbet.io when you go against the banker of Deal or No Deal.

    Deal or No Deal stands out as one of the most distinctive games you’ll find online. With this game, you can take a break from betting on the typical live table games. Discover new ways to earn big at online casinos when you play Evolution’s Deal or No Deal.

    Go all the way with the briefcase of fortune on Deal or No Deal

    Master the power of deduction when you play Evolution’s Deal or No Deal. Challenge yourself to one of the most thrilling games at Sportsbet.io in exchange for up to 500x your stake. 

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    Deal or No Deal