Cash or Crash


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.01 - 125 mBTC

Ride to cloud 9 in Evolution’s Cash or Crash casino game

Ride over the city and get the greatest view while hoping for good fortune in Evolution’s Cash or Crash. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride on a blimp and win a jackpot payout of up to 50,000x your stake. Hope for a green or, better still, a yellow ball to land and have a crazy time in the sky. 

Cash or Crash live game show by Evolution gives you a unique experience, propelling you skywards. With its 99.59% RTP, this ball-drawing game offers you high winning payouts up in the sky. Bet on Cash or Crash with crypto and experience the best of Cash or Crash Tether betting at Bitcasino.

Cash or Crash Details 



Game Type

Live game



Minimum Bet

0.20 USDT

Maximum Bet

25,000 USDT


50,000x your bet

Cash or Crash Evolution Gaming: Frequently asked questions

What is Cash or Crash RTP?

Cash or Crash RTP is at 99.59%.

What is the max win available for Cash or Crash?

The maximum win of Cash or Crash by Evolution is set at 50,000x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Cash or Crash?

The minimum bet is0.20 USDT and the maximum bet is 25,000 USDT.

Cash or Crash live: Win prizes inside the blimp

The Cash or Crash live game show features a blimp that flies over a busy metropolis, offering only one bet and a ladder-style paytable with 20 steps. As you climb, your potential payouts increase! Learn how it works and how you can climb to the highest level below. 

Cash or Crash - how it works

Evolution’s Cash or Crash is a tactical live game show that features one bet and big potential prizes. It’s a ball drawing game featuring a 20-ladder-type pay table. Inside the game, you’ll see the ball drawing machine containing:

  • 19 green balls

  • 1 gold ball

  • 8 red balls.

When the machine draws a green or gold ball, you move one step up the pay table, offering you a bigger potential payout. The gold ball is your lifesaver, as it acts as the shield when you get a red ball. 

Your blimp ride will crash when you get the destructive red ball, which means the end of the game. But if you have the gold ball, the game continues until you get another red ball.

How to play Cash or Crash

Here’s how you can play the game.

  1. Place your bet - You only have one chance to place your bet every round. Place a wager at the start during the 20-second betting window. You can bet 0.20 USDT to 25,000 USDT.

  2. The first draw - After the betting time, the captain will draw the first ball. If you get a green, you move up to the next pay level. But if you get a red ball, the round is over. As long as you don’t get a red ball, you stand to earn more money.

  3. Make a decision - Before the captain draws the next ball, you must decide first if you want to continue the game or not. Choose to continue, take half or take all of your payout.

  4. End of the round - The game ends when you get a red ball, choose to take all or reach the top of the pay ladder. 

Deciding options

Choose one of the following options before a new ball is drawn:

  1. Take all the money - Cash out 100% of your winnings and end the game. You are no longer part of the game. If you want to play another game, wait for a new round to start.

  2. Take half - Cash out 50% of your current winnings depending on the pay table you are in. You can continue playing the game, but you can only bet with the remaining amount. This option will not be available when your winnings are below 0.40 USDT

  3. Continue - Stay and continue to play with 100% of your winnings.


Check here how much you can win when you reach the highest table and when before and after the shield breaks.


Payout before shield is broken

Payout after shield is broken


1.2x your bet

1.2x your bet


1.6x your bet

1.7x your bet


2x your bet

2.2x your bet


2.7x your bet

3.1x your bet


3.6x your bet

4x your bet


5x your bet

5.6x your bet


7.1x your bet

8x your bet


10x your bet

10.5x your bet


15x your bet

16x your bet


21.5x your bet

24x your bet


33x your bet

36x your bet


54x your bet

62x your bet


95x your bet

105x your bet


160x your bet

175x your bet


310x your bet

360x your bet


550x your bet

760x your bet


1,200x your bet

1,500x your bet


2,900x your bet

4,000x your bet


6,800x your bet

11,000 your bet


18,000x your bet

50,000x  your bet

Cash or Crash game: Meet the live dealer captain inside the blimp 

Cash or Crash is an entertaining, tactical, and simple game that takes players on a unique, immersive trip made even more fascinating by sophisticated augmented reality. Go on an amazing blimp ride to the skies while your dependable flight captain instructs you and flies the blimp as high as possible without crashing. 

Various sorts of features are available across the screen to assist ensure seamless performance. A tiny box displays the reward levels you have attained indefinitely. On the left is a table that displays the odds of obtaining a green ball, and on the right is a table that indicates the possibilities of getting a red ball. 

Cash out your winnings before you crash in Cash or Crash casino game

Have the best gaming experience by playing Evolution’s live game show Cash or Crash. Hope for a green or gold ball for a higher chance of taking home the jackpot prize of up to 50,000x your bet. Start Bitcoin betting Cash or Crash now at Bitcasino.

More Evolution live games await you! Have a fun Funky Time playing First Person Mega Ball and winning crazy prizes.

Cash or Crash

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