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All About This Slot Game

Ali Baba's Luck Megaways is a slot game from Max Win Gaming and we know you can't wait to give it a go! Image a world of fun elements such as Red, Violet, Arabic, and Near East. That's the world of Ali Baba's Luck Megaways. Intrigued? Well guess what, it's about to get even better because you can win in Ali Baba's Luck Megaways using cryptocurrency too!

Ali Baba's Luck Megaways details

ProviderMax Win Gaming
Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date2 November 2020
Min - Max bet0.2 - 4
Max Coin Win20,336x
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendlyAli Baba's Luck Megaways for crypto

Keen to know how it works?

It's all in the details so, in Ali Baba's Luck Megaways, everything has been specially prepared to stimulate your mind: the lights, scenarios, colours, special effects, etc, it all combines to make a superb game, with easy performance, thrilling gameplay and breathtaking artwork. Also, don't forget that with the crypto feature, now it's easier than ever to place your bets. That's right; Ali Baba's Luck Megaways now works with digital money, too! With this new way of making your wagers, both traditional and digital money payments are allowed. Note that the platforms are 100% functional and secure, so you'll have many possibilities when making your wagers, always in a safe and reliable manner. Continue reading if you wish to discover the basics and maximize your fun!

A game's RTP... something to remember

This slot has a 6-5 layout and 15,625 betways. The game's RTP, or “Return to Player”, stands at 95.05%, which indicates the house edge is 4.95%. Bearing that in mind, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the game and earn some cash along the way.

Getting tired of the same old stuff?

Ali Baba's Luck Megaways is a hit game in several markets around the world so, if you love slots, this should really be your pick. The game has a high volatility level, so you must take into account that when you win, the prize amounts are comparatively higher, though you may win less often. That means if you're patient, you may be rewarded! You will also find bonus features like Book of.. mechanic. What's more, you aren't restricted to standard cash, since Ali Baba's Luck Megaways Bitcoin provides you the option to place your wagers with digital currency, too! So you're fully informed, here's the full set of special features just waiting to be enjoyed:

  • Book of.. mechanic
  • Expanding Symbols
  • FreeSpins
  • Megaways

Turbocharge your earnings!

The minimum and maximum bets for this game are 0.2 coins and 4 coins respectively. Now, let's get to business: Money, money, money!!! Your rewards could multiply by 20,336x if you place a bet on Ali Baba's Luck Megaways. You're not limited to traditional money either, so that means you can play Ali Baba's Luck Megaways for Bitcoin as well!

Final considerations

Not sure about it yet? Visit and give it a try yourself! Glance over the paytable for the low-down on all the details and find out more about all the different ways to win. Remember that Ali Baba's Luck Megaways always has the coolest features available, a 95.05% RTP and a high volatility, a 6-5 layout, and both standard and digital wallet. So, there are no excuses to put off trying it!

Ali Baba's Luck Megaways

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