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Crystal Swipe Overview

Come across gems of all colours and shapes in the Crystal Swipe game. Brought to you by Yolted, this unique game brings a slot game you’ve never seen before thanks to its distinct mechanics. 

There are no reels in this game but you are sure to have a special experience swiping through the different crystals while playing. If you’re lucky, you might trigger a crystal streak and score the game’s jackpot of 1,000x your bet! Place your bets today and get a chance to win big rewards. 

Crystal Swipe is part of Yolted's fantastic game catalogue. Make sure you keep reading so you don't let this opportunity to get the low-down on the game pass you by! 

The Space theme of the game describes the setting, but there's more to it than that. Get ready to be swept away in a world of elements such as Blue, Green, Red, Crystals, and Rainbow. Plus don't forget your digital wallet, because you can win in Crystal Swipe using crypto! 

Coming up next, you will find out all the essentials about Crystal Swipe. If you want the best preparation for the game then you're definitely at the right place!

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Other types

Release Date

3 September 2020





Min - Max Bet

0.1 - 200

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Digital wallet friendly

Crystal Swipe for crypto

Crystal Swipe: A gem-filled adventure is waiting for you

Gameplay & Features

Crystal Swipe is a user favourite according to recent rankings in several regions, so... why not give it a spin? The Return to Player, or RTP, stands at 94.0%, so in this case the house edge is 6%. There are chances to scoop a win, even if it isn't the highest RTP out there. 

Plus with Crystal Swipe, the chances of getting bigger prizes are there, due to a high level of volatility. Place as little as a 0.1 coins bet or as much as a 200 coins bet while enjoying additional features including Hyperspins. And you don't even need traditional money to play: remember, with Crystal Swipe, you can place your bets with virtual currency as well!

Crystal Swipe: Come across a variety of colourful gems! 

Low-paying Symbols

The game’s low-paying symbols are depicted by green, blue and red crystals. Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payouts at maximum wager:


Double Streak

Triple Streak

Green crystal 


1x your bet

Blue crystal

1x your bet

2x your bet

Red crystal

2.5x your bet

10x your bet

High-paying Symbols

Yellow, orange and rainbow crystals appear as the game’s high-paying symbols. Check the table below to see their corresponding payouts at maximum wager:


Single Streak

Double Streak

Triple Streak

Yellow crystal

1.5x your bet

5x your bet

40x your bet

Orange crystal

3x your bet

10x your bet

100x your bet

Rainbow crystal

4x your bet

70x your bet

1,000x your bet

Bonus Features

Crystal Streak

Your goal in casino slot Crystal Swipe is not to spin any of the reels but rather to get crystal streaks. To complete one, you must swipe through the different crystals in the base game and get two or three of the same symbol in a streak. If so, then the corresponding payouts per symbol will be yours. 


Ok, let's not beat around the bush: what about those wagers? You can win up to 1,000x your wager with Crystal Swipe, and that's applicable to Crystal Swipe for Bitcoin too, of course!

Find the most valuable gems in Crystal Swipe! 

The simple and seemingly dark interface of the Crystal Swipe game features grey and black colours. However, once you begin swiping through the different crystals, plenty of colours such as blue, red, green, and even rainbows come alive. 

Buckle up for a dazzling ride with Crystal Swipe. With very nice payouts on offer, the Crystal Swipe slot will appeal to slot fans who are ready to pursue bigger, though less frequent, wins. Plus remember this game has a low minimum bet amount which is sure to have general appeal to all players. 

Not to mention, Crystal Swipe delivers superb navigation, smooth gameplay and the breathtaking computer graphics you're searching for. There's a wide range of features that will completely enchant you as you spend some time enjoying the slot. Now, with Crystal Swipe, it's really easy to enjoy playing! Come on in and join the action!

Every Coin Swipe you make and crystal you get takes you on a suspenseful and rewarding journey to remember. So buckle up and place your wager in this exciting game by Yolted. and see if you can go on the Home Run 777. If you are lucky, then you can bring home massive wins, including the game’s jackpot of 1,000x your wager. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of Crystal Swipe?

Crystal Swipe has a relatively low RTP of 94.0%.

What is the volatility of Crystal Swipe?

The volatility of Crystal Swipe is high.

What is the biggest win possible for Crystal Swipe?

The max coin win is set at 1,000x your bet - note that this is a low return compared to other slots that we've reviewed.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Crystal Swipe?

The min bet is relatively low at 0.1 coins and the maximum bet is 200 coins.

Crystal Swipe