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    Uncover the Fantastic Treasure in the Legendary Dragon’s Chest

    Start your journey to an ancient castle that sits at the summit of rocky mountains. It’s going to be perilous but it’ll all be worth it once you step inside and uncover where the Dragon’s Chest is. Find the Dragon’s Chest and you’ll be set for life because of its riches. Watch out for the dragons roaming the reels and make your way safely to collect your rewards!

    The medieval castle holds three of the fiercest dragons and encountering these dragons in casino slot Dragon’s Chest can grant you unbelievable payouts. You have to pass by these sacred dragons safely to explore the depths of the castle. Discover various treasures inside and keep an eye out for the Dragon’s Chest because it’ll give you an opportunity for you to obtain a jackpot worth m₿ 10,000!

    Dragon’s Chest Details 


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    Game Type

    Video Slots





    Minimum Bet

    m₿ 0.2

    Maximum Bet

    m₿ 200


    m₿ 10,000

    Dragon’s Chest: Valuable Treasures Are Always Guarded by Dragons

    The castle in casino slot Dragon’s Chest has a reel layout composed of 3 rows and 5 reels. Deposit the minimum wager of m₿ 0.2 or the maximum wager of m₿ 200 to spin the reels and get the chance to witness 3 magnificent dragons move across the reels. Search the castle’s reels and collect all treasures from 20 fixed paylines. 

    Values for all paying symbols are automatically adjusted to the amount that you wager. The bet amount that you place is also used during the Free Spins feature and cannot be changed until the Free Spins feature ends. 

    Search every corner of the castle to look for any treasure or playing card signs. Minor symbols are represented by high-ranked playing card signs such as 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A).

    Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following m₿ payouts in a combination win:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    10 / J
















    It was said that dragons were extinct but in this video slot. Discover the elemental dragons that occupy the ancient castle. They represent the 3 main elements
    —water, fire, and earth—and high paying symbols for casino slot Dragon’s Chest. Numerous dragons lurk on the reels and they can appear as major symbols or as a Walking Wild. 

    Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following m₿ payouts in a combination win:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Water Dragon




    Fire Dragon




    Earth Dragon




    Walking Wild Dragons

    Tread carefully when you see one of the three Wild dragons cross the reels. The elemental dragons—the water, fire, and earth dragons—substitute all symbols in a payline except the Bonus symbol for extravagant wins. When these dragons walk across the reels, you can expect it to leave a trail of treasure in every step.

    You can find these dragons on different reels—the fire dragon on reel 1, water dragon on row 1, and earth dragon on reel 5. The earth dragon always walks left, fire dragon to the right, and water dragon downwards. All dragons are worth m₿ 10,000 in a payline. Identify any active Walking Wilds by checking if the symbol is marked with a golden frame. 

    When 2 or 3 different Walking Wilds occupy the same space, the game will choose which Wild stays and the other Walking Wild is discarded from the reel. 

    Treasure Chests and Valuable Dragon Eggs Hidden

    Bonus Symbol

    Explore the ancient castle and search for the hidden Bonus treasure chest symbol, also known as the legendary Dragon’s Chest. With enough luck, you have a chance of finding multiple Bonus symbols to activate the Pick An Egg feature. 

    Pick An Egg Feature

    Collect enough Bonus treasure chests from reels 1, 3, or 5 and you’ll activate the Bonus portal. Step inside the Bonus portal and you’ll find different coloured dragon eggs inside containing either cash prizes or 10 Free Spins or Free Spins with a x2 multiplier. Free Spins can not be retriggered during this feature. 

    Dragon’s Chest: Castle’s Dungeons & Dragons

    An enormous medieval castle opens its doors to you and invites you to search inside for valuable treasures. To match its medieval theme, there are ancient dragons guarding the treasure inside the castle. An ethereal melody softly plays in the background and it slowly grows into intense adventure music to add a dramatic effect as you spot intimidating dragons on the reels. 

    The elemental dragons guard the treasure with a fierce gaze to intimidate you from collecting its valuable treasures. No need to fret because when you collect a set of these dragons, they deliver high payouts! Each dragon is drawn in detail and their colours—red, blue, and green—are related to the main elements fire, water, and earth respectively. 

    Dragon’s Chest: Be Brave and Obtain Fiery Wins

    Explore the castle that used to be owned by Booming Games’ Golden Royals and encounter mythical dragons like knights do in stories about the medieval times. Treasures from the olden days are scattered around the castle in casino slot Dragon’s Chest. Watch the legendary Wild dragons walk on the reels and gather a ton of treasure for you to loot. 

    Make your way through the castle in every spin and get a chance to pick up a dragon egg for cash prizes and Free Spins. Beware of the hidden Flaming Dragon in the dungeon because it releases magnificent prizes from its fiery breath. Collect the Dragon’s Chest you come across on the reels and you’ll get a chance of earning up to m₿ 10,000.