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Fafafa: Wish For Great Luck and Fortune

One of the superstitions in Chinese customs is that reiterating locutions can bring more and better results. Fafafa (发发发) is one example of that. It is often used to wish for more good fortune and asking for more wealth to come your way. Fafafa (发发发) sounds the same as 888 (八八八). Come and try your luck with casino slot Fafafa and you might just bag great fortunes!

Land combinations made out of the Fa (发) symbols that come in various colours to start receiving sizeable rewards. The classic simplicity of the reels makes it easier to understand the gameplay as you enjoy this slot game that has an RTP of 97.12%. Commence spinning the reels and you might just receive up to 400x your stake on your next spin!

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Spade Gaming

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Video Slots







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Up to 400x your stake

Fafafa: Make a Great Deal of Fortune

Spade Gaming’s casino slot Fafafa is designed in the same respect as classic slot games that can be found inside your favourite casinos. This slot game features 3 reels that boast an elegant single payline. Access this slot game from your favourite device—either your desktop, mobile or tablet—to start playing. Spinning the reels is as easy as placing a wager that ranges from €0.10 up to €30 per spin.

Winning is as easy as landing three symbols inside the single payline that is proudly located in the middle of the reels. The symbols are the Chinese character Fa (发) that have various colours to differentiate each other. There are three levels that offer various amounts of payouts. The higher the level you dare to play, the higher the bet you place, the bigger the reward you are to receive.

Fa (发) character of different colours landed on the payline? You can receive the minimum amount of payout from that mismatched combination. The Fa (发) symbols possess the colours green, blue and red with the combinations made of the red Fa (发) giving the highest rewards. The payouts possessed by these symbols are presented as reward multipliers that are applied to the bet you placed at the start of a spin. The rewards you can receive from the winning combinations that land on the payline are:


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Any Combination of Fafafa (发)




Green Fafafa (发)




Blue Fafafa (发)




Red Fafafa (发)




Fafafa: Red has Always Been an Auspicious Colour

The reels of Spade Gaming’s casino slot Fafafa are painted red. This symbolizes the luck that the reels may provide its players. You will also see copious amounts of yuan baos raining from a place unseen outside the grid. There are also a few details on the grid that bear the colour gold. 

On one side of the game window, you can see the values that you can potentially receive from the winning combinations that can land on the reels. The symbols hold different colours that glimmer in the dim lighting. This exudes an aura of enticement, making you want to keep spinning the reels.

Fafafa: Keep Earning a Fortune 

Spade Gaming’s casino slot Fafafa is another testament that classic slot games will never be out of season. It also proves that games don’t need to have complicated storylines and intricate animations in order to be fun. Because the reels are set up like the copious amounts of classic slot games that everyone enjoys, its simple gameplay is easy to understand. Don’t let this chance to earn substantial amounts of rewards and start spinning the reels of casino slot Fafafa!

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