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Go on a psychedelic party in NFT Paradise Trippies

NFT Paradise Trippies is the first-ever crypto-slot game that guarantees at least a single Trippies NFT from Bitcoin’s personal collection every day! Meaning, as you play throughout the game, you get the chance to be rewarded with the highly sought-after investment phenomenon of 2021.

Characterised by their quirky designs, NFTs are a must-add to your growing number of assets! And in Paradise Trippies, you’ll find them as the otherworldly creatures having the time of their lives in the idyllic heaven gorgeously imagined by Party Pete.

In this wild adventure trip, you’ll find yourself walking around a sandy tropical island filled with treats, rewards and an RTP of 96%. Use this helpful feature when you try your luck in winning NFTs and prizes as high as 10 x your wager! So drink that cup of Trippy Brew to go on a thrilling journey of a lifetime.

NFT Paradise Trippies Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.50 credits

Maximum Bet

100 credits


10 x your wager

NFT Paradise Trippies: How it all began

On a boring yet fateful day, the famous socialite and party animal Party Pete went to the bar expecting nothing but the same old drink and the same old crowd he’s been hanging out with for god knows how long now. But before he can order his usual, the bartender tells him that the legendary Trippy Brew is about to arrive any minute now!

Intrigued and suddenly buzzing with excitement, Party Pete waits for the mythical drink brought forth under lock and key and eventually takes a sip. One taste was all it took for him to transcend the metaverse and end up in a whole new reality!

He spirals into a psychedelic time tunnel and splashes into a beach of what seems to be a trippy paradise filled with cool creatures and amazing prizes. Now, it’s your turn to gulp down the iconic concoction and join Party Pete on this newfound haven where nothing but good times await!

Where you can meet friends of all shapes and sizes

Before you go on a trip to this paradise island to meet friends of all shapes and sizes, you first need to buy tickets. You can do so for a minimum of 0.50 credits up to 100! Once that’s taken care of, you’ll find yourself in a tropical haven where countless Trippies symbols wait for you to land them in certain combinations and win their respective prizes.

Landing these in sets of 3, 4 or 5 to score rewards and better your chances of hitting the 10 x your wager jackpot and rare NFTs. So what are you waiting for? Make those wagers today and take your chance in scoring excitingly fun new rewards, unlike anything you’ve ever won before!


Low-paying Symbols

Once you’re on the island’s blissful shore, Trippy Brews, Ogres, Rabbits and Wolfmen welcome you with low-paying rewards, but only when you land their symbols in sets of 3, 4 or 5.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Trippy Brew

4 credits

30 credits

50 credits


8 credits

40 credits

100 credits


10 credits

50 credits

150 credits


16 credits

100 credits

200 credits

High-paying Symbols

Odd creatures from realms far from our promise exciting prizes as the game's high-paying symbols. Find frogs, Medusas, pixies and dragons in sets of 3, 4 and 5 on the reels to take home their otherworldly rewards!

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Frog boss

20 credits

120 credits

250 credits


30 credits

140 credits

300 credits


40 credits

160 credits

400 credits


50 credits

200 credits

1,000 credits

Special Symbols

Party Pete - Party Pete acts as the game’s Wild symbol that substitutes all symbols, except Scatters, to complete winning combinations. It can stack on top of two other Party Petes exclusively on reels 3, 4 and 5, thus giving you better chances of having the game’s jackpot prize.

So whenever you see this fun-loving ape, expect a rewarding party since thrilling and exciting prizes follow him wherever he goes. He may not always be there to rock everyone’s socks off and shower you with moolah, but when he does appear, it’s when you least expect him!

Box - The Box acts as the Bonus symbol that offers you more exciting prizes whenever you land it in 3 sets or more. As you continuously play the game, the Box and its countless content upgrade to something more rewarding and thrilling. So keep on spinning those reels and get rounds upon rounds of exciting gifts!

Bonus Features

Stacked Wilds - The Stacked Wild feature appears exclusively on reels 3, 4 or 5 and gives you the chance to win multiple Wilds on top of each other.

Once this happens, it becomes easier for you to complete winning combinations since you’ll only have to land only 2 or 3 symbols to do this. With more Party Petes means more surprises, so watch out for this fun and exciting ape whenever he sets his sights on reels 3, 4 or 5.

Wild Event Feature - Party Pete continues to turn up the craziness and fun of the party as he transforms 2 of the middle reels into Wild reels. In doing so, it becomes easier for you to find the island’s jackpot of 10x your wager and celebrate with an even bigger party!

Legendary Box Bonus - The Legendary Box Bonus feature is triggered whenever you land 3 or more Boxes on the reels. Once this feature is active, you have the potential to receive one of its many prizes which include:

  • X2 Multiplier - Receiving the X2 Multiplier increases your current prize by 2 times its initial value
  • X3 Multiplier - Receiving the X3 Multiplier increases your current prize by 3 times its initial value
  • X4 Multiplier - Receiving the X4 Multiplier increases your current prize by 4 times your initial value
  • X5 Multiplier - Receiving the X5 Multiplier increases your current prize by 5 times your initial value
  • X6 Multiplier - Receiving the X6 Multiplier increases your current prize by 6 times your initial value
  • X10 Multiplier - Receiving the X10 Multiplier increases your current prize by 10 times your initial value
  • Mega Trip Box - Getting the Mega Trip Box activates the Mega Trip Box feature where you can score unique prizes such as an NFT!

Mega Trip Box Feature - Once you get this feature from the Legendary Box Bonus, a special reel spins to determine your prize. When the spinning is over, you’re rewarded with a multiplier as high as 1,000x your wager or get the chance to own one of the high-valued, heavily-sought-after Paradise Trippies NFTs! These NFTs are characterised by 3 levels of rarity: Bad, Good and Special.

Should you receive the lucrative NFT bonus, it will be automatically added to your wallet within 72 hours or 2 days after you’ve played the game.

NFT Paradise Trippies: An burst of madness in every drop

Have a glass of Trippy Brew and find yourself free-falling into the fun and wacky world of NFT Paradise Trippies where limitless rewards await! Known to have a burst of madness in every drop, this crazy drink is made from the churned, slushy remains of the infamous trippy frogs, creatures that people have not seen in many decades past.

Once a drop of the brew fills your stomach, it sets your mind on an epic course to a fun, paradise island. Be warned though: what you’re about to see and witness is something, unlike anything you could have ever thought of possible.

On this little island, you’ll meet denizens of all shapes, sizes and even realities. With dragons, apes, mermaids and more, you’re sure to be on one of the wildest trips (in every sense of the word) of all time. So while you’re here, take the time to go wild, enjoy yourself and find fun in every corner of this wonderfully weird world created by a bored young ape.

NFT Paradise Trippies: More treasures revealed

As you make more gulps of the dangerously powerful Trippy Brew, more and more of this Hidden Kingdom is then revealed to you. With Caves & Treasures hiding exciting gifts and prizes at every corner, take on a fun Cruise of Fortune with your many new friends to find them.

So take on an epic party voyage unlike any other and find as many Ocean Richies as you can, no matter how hard it may be. After all, what are a couple of challenges whenever Party Pete and his crew are there to help you out while having fun?

NFT Paradise Trippies