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Info regarding TOP TREND GAMING Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming)

Now is the right time to learn about one of TOP TREND GAMING's finest slot games - Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming). We know you're eager to know the details about this amazing slot, so here you go! The game has intriguing elements like Brown, Green, Robin Hood, Forest, Tree, and Beer. Not to mention, the ability to win in Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) using cryptocurrency is certainly a plus! Not convinced yet? Don't worry, we've got all the Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) info you need, so you can enjoy this game to the max!

Gameplay and features

Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) is a user favorite according to recent leaderboards in many regions, so... why not give it a chance? The game ​has a 5-4 layout and 40 betways. There's no RTP data currently available, but don't let that deter you! With Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming), you're sure to have a good time, so don't be shy when placing your wagers. Fun is just a few clicks away! The minimum bet is 0.8 coins, while the maximum is 800 coins. You also have the opportunity to unlock bonus elements like feature: substitution symbols. What's more, the offer extends beyond regular money, since Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) offers you the option to place your wagers in digital money as well!

So now you have all the info about this fantastic game, check the whole set of cool characteristics just waiting to be discovered:

  • Feature: Substitution Symbols
  • FreeSpins
  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild


Now it's time to place some bets! With a max win of up to 400,000x your bet, Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) is offering prizes in the upper end of the market here. Not bad, right? And remember, this applies to Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) for Bitcoin too!


Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) provides tons of excitement with every spin, and a nice maximum win amount to boot! With an average ticket price, this game is a rather easy-going game suitable for most people. And if you are looking for great performance, graphics and gameplay, Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) is certainly the correct choice for you. Plus, there's the possibility of playing using digital money in Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming), which means it's even easier to start making some serious moves! Why not join us, and give it a try!

Quick Reference

Looking for more details? Check out and give it a chance yourself! Glance over the paytable for the low-down on all the features and find out more about all the different possibilities for you to earn some money. Prizes are up for grabs!

Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date29 October 2016
Min - Max Bet0.8 - 800
Max Coin Win400,000x
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendlyRobin Hood (TopTrendGaming) for crypto

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest win available for Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming)?

The max coin win is set at 400,000x your wager - this is a high return in comparison with other slots that we've reviewed.

What are the min and max bets on Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming)?

The minimum bet is 0.8 coins and the maximum bet is 800 coins.

What happens if I select BET MAX?

If BET MAX is selected, your wager is automatically set to the maximum bet amount.

Can you play Robin Hood (TopTrendGaming) on mobile?

Yes - so you can play on the go!

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