Three Lucky Stars


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Twinkle, Twinkle Three Lucky Stars

Spin the reels of Three Lucky Stars and see for yourself the wonder hidden up above the heavens where three gods reside. A potential win of up to 300x your stake will be given to you if the gods deem your offer worthy of their blessings! 

The three gods of luck ask you to spin the reels of this game to unlock the blessings and prizes hidden in the reels. In ancient times, stars are believed to direct lost people in the right direction. If you’re lucky enough, this slot game will lead you to the temple of the gods where you can take home a potential win of up to 300x your wager. 

If you’re up for the challenge, place a wager between 0.1 and 90 coins and hope that your offerings will be deemed worthy by the fun-loving gods residing in the breezy heavens up above.

Three Lucky Stars Details 


Spade Gaming

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Video Slots





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Maximum Bet



300x the total bet

Three Lucky Stars: A Twinkling Spectacle Up Above 

Casino slot Three Lucky Stars features three sparkling reels and 1 payline. Only one payline will grant you wins and the only combination that can generate payouts is the highest formed combinations. Three gods will guide you to your quest up above when you place a bet between 0.1 and 90 coins. 

Various items loved by the gods will appear on the reels as the paying symbols in the game. Peach, a dog-eared scroll, and a green paddle are the items you will encounter as you spin casino slot Three Lucky Stars. When you land winning combinations using these symbols, you will get payouts based on the maximum wager you stake: 


Set of 3

Any Variation of Peach, Scroll, 






Green Paddle


Rewards from the Gods

Three golden medallions embellished with Chinese script can grant you starry payouts when you play in casino slot Three Lucky Stars. If you land any of the golden medallion symbols on the reels, it will generate a multiplier based on your total wager:

  • Getting one Green Chinese character symbol gives 2x the total bet
  • Getting one Blue Chinese character symbol gives 5x the total bet
  • Getting one Red Chinese character symbol gives 10x the total bet.

Different coloured Chinese character coins will appear on specific reels in casino slot Three Lucky Stars: green in reel 1, blue in reel 2, and blue in reel 3 only. When you form winning combinations on the reels using these symbols in a payline, it will grant you  the following multipliers:

  • When you get a pair of Green and Blue Chinese characters it will give you a 10x the total bet
  • When you get a pair of Green and Red Chinese characters it will give you a 20x the total bet
  • When you get a pair of Red and Blue Chinese characters it will give you a50x the total bet.

You will obtain the highest reward of 300x the total bet by accumulating all variants of the gold medallions in a single payline. 

Three Lucky Stars: A Tiny Spark Lights the Traveler in the Dark

Up above the heavens, three gods from Three Lucky Stars are waiting for your arrival to spin the reels of their slot game. When you enter the celestial palace of the three gods, you will see the reels set behind a red backdrop with wave patterns, sprinkled with tiny, golden stars. Off-white puffy clouds support the reels made from thin frames with Chinese accents and symbols. Hear calm Chinese music emanate through the reels as you spin with the gods of luck. The blend of flute and chimes will calm your mind as you eye the prize. 

When you see the three gods in the game, you will catch the three of them standing above the reels wearing traditional Chinese clothing. The first god is wearing a yellow garb, holding a peach and dog-head staff, the second god is wearing a red Chinese traditional clothing while holding a green jade paddle and an incense burner. When you see the third god on the reels, you will see him wearing green Chinese clothing while holding a scroll and a baby with his hands. 

Three Lucky Stars: Stars Will Guide You Home

Follow the shining light in the sky and you will arrive at the temple of the gods where a loot of 300x your stake may be rewarded to you. Spade Gaming designed this slot game with graphics and animation that are easy on the eyes. This game will entice you with its aesthetic especially when you see the three lucky gods cheering on you. Bonuses and features can also be found on the reels of this game form winning combinations that can trigger them. 

This video slot by Spade Gaming features yet another unique Chinese theme that will entice you to crank its reels. Shown in child-like illustrations and engaging animation, this slot game will pique your interest to explore the rich culture of Asia because of the symbols you will see. Rare symbols found in Chinese culture are featured here will increase your chances in winning because each carries a value that will definitely make your wager worth it! 

If you’re a fan of Asian culture and is interested to get more familiar with it, spin this slot game because you will find the three gods welcoming and generous!

Every once in awhile the stars align and bestow their luck and blessings for people who are worthy of their rewards. Increase your luck further when you pray in the temple of the generous Prosperity Gods. Look for the statue of the Golden Monkey because he’s the god who can grant you treasure beyond your imagination. 

Three Lucky Stars

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