Wizdom Wonders


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Min - Max bet

0.12 - 30 mBTC


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The Mystery Behind Wizdom Wonders

Open the sorcerer’s spellbook and let magic consume you with its enchanting prowess in casino slot Wizdom Wonders! On top of the Cloud Tower, you can find an Old Wizard who possesses this spellbook. He summons the earth’s natural elements using mystical spells passed down from centuries ago to show a kind of power that exudes great magnificence.

However, no matter what the Old Wizard does, he finds it hard to master the mysterious Alchemy spell. Rumour has it that this spell can turn even the ugliest stones into gold and let you possess infinite riches. To make the magic of Alchemy work, 6 special spellbooks are needed. It’s a shame that all 6 books are scattered everywhere in the Cloud Tower because of a strong wind that created a big mess. With your help, these books can be in order again and give you the potential to live happily ever after!

Climb up the Cloud Tower and spin the reels of casino slot Wizdom Wonders for a chance to complete the Alchemy spell! You can also activate enchanting features such as summoning spells and bubble picks, so grab your lucky charms and start brewing wins.

Wizdom Wonders Details 



Game Type

Video Slots





Minimum Bet

0.30 coins

Maximum Bet

300 coins


3,000x the total bet

Wizdom Wonders: Brewing Magical Rewards

Casino slot Wizdom Wonders has unique gameplay that features 6 spellbooks as its reels. Flip the pages of these books and match symbols for a chance to win magical prizes. You can spin the reels for a minimum bet of 0.30 coins and a maximum bet of 300 coins.

Wizdom Wonders is powered by PGSoft with an RTP of 94.47%. If you get line wins, the books with matching symbols disappear to make way for new books. This gives you more chances to create line wins!

Magical Symbols

Regular Paying Symbols

Different emblems act as the regular paying symbols of casino slot Wizdom Wonders. They are green, blue, indigo, purple, and red emblems. If you match these symbols, you can win the following prizes:

  • Getting a complete page of the Green/Blue/Indigo Emblem symbol gives 2x your total bet.
  • Getting a complete page of the Purple/Red Emblem symbol gives 3x your total bet.

High Paying Symbols

Brew magical wins using the green and blue potions! You can also summon purple mushrooms, fiery spiders, and frogs from the spellbook. These symbols can reward you with the following prizes:

  • Getting a complete page of the Green/Blue Potion symbol gives 6x your total bet.
  • Getting a complete page of the Purple Mushroom symbol gives 12x your total bet.
  • Getting a complete page of the Fiery Spider symbol gives 15x your total bet.
  • Getting a complete page of the Frog symbol gives 30x your total bet.

Enchanting Features

Symbol Win

If you get one or more wins on any spin, they can be multiplied by up to 5x. The winning books can also reveal one of the three magical spells, namely Fire, Water and Lightning. After you close the books, these spells take effect. The following are their features:

  • Fire Spell: If you get this spell, all books along the vertical line are burnt to make way for new books.
  • Water Spell: The Water Spell removes all books along the horizontal line. This gives you a chance to create more line wins from the new books.
  • Lightning Spell: If you get the Lightning Spell, the book with a lightning symbol is removed. Another random book is also removed from the reels for a chance to win more prizes.

The new books are your key to get extra coin wins and increase multipliers. There are 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x multipliers, so start brewing and potentially win magical prizes!

Bonus Feature

Getting 3 Bonus symbols activates the Bonus feature. At the beginning of this feature, you are rewarded with 8 bubble picks. Tap on the bubbles to reveal a specific prize value or get extra picks. You can also reveal nothing if luck is not on your side.

The prize values can be between 2x to 30x your current bet. If you reveal 2 or 3 extra bubble picks, you can have more chances to get prize values.

Wizdom Wonders: Welcome to the Wizard’s Humble Home

Inside the Cloud Tower, enchanting magic consumes your soul and tickles all your senses. A big cauldron with green bubbles keeps brewing as the Old Wizard dressed in a blue-coloured robe stands beside it. He also holds a wooden staff while looking at you in a challenging manner. The successful summoning of the mysterious Alchemy lies in your hands, so don’t be surprised if magical pressure surrounds the mystical ambience of casino slot Wizdom Wonders.

Six spellbooks are laid out on a wooden table that displays colourful emblems and watercolour-painted creatures. As these books flip the brown pages, you can enjoy flawless animation. PGSoft also delivers quirky music that perfectly fits the magical theme of this slot game. Hold your blue-green crystal ball and spin it to start witnessing a world of pure enchantment in Wizdom Wonders!

Wizdom Wonders: We’ve Got Magic to Do

Master the Alchemy spell and earn a chance to win infinite magical rewards in casino slot Wizdom Wonders! Its unique gameplay lets you flip the pages of enchanting spellbooks for a chance to activate features that contain up to 3,000x your bet. With the Cloud Tower’s magical magnificence, you can also get mesmerised by Wizdom Wonders’ game design.

Become a Gem Saviour and garner as much Piggy Gold as you can using mystical spells. The Peas Fairy can also guide you towards a Tree of Fortune, so remember to treat her well and show your lucky charms!

Wizdom Wonders