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Earn the Champion’s Title in Yokozuna Clash

There’s a commotion about a sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo! Participate in this action-packed casino slot and watch the best sumo wrestlers fight in Yokozuna Clash. Many contenders are lined up in the roster because they also aim for the grand prize and earn the title as the top yokozuna throughout Japan. 

Watch the contestants of Yokozuna Clash conduct electrifying battles for your entertainment! Each participant has their own strength and special skills that can aid you in gaining a ton of payouts. The tournament in Dohyo has attracted an RTP of 96.3% because of its Random Wilds and Multiplier features. Join the thrilling fights in casino slot Yokozuna Clash and try your luck at climbing the ranks to get a chance at winning up to 86,000 credits. 

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Video Slots







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86,000 credits

Yokozuna Clash: Battle of the Fittest

Fight your way to the top by spinning and gaining combination wins from its 5 reels and 243 paylines. Spend the minimum wager of 0.1 or the maximum wager of 125 per spin to increase your strength in the ring. There are various ways to climb the ranks in casino slot Yokozuna Clash and you’ll get to experience striking payouts along the way.

Basic symbols are represented by playing card suits in different colours. This includes blue diamonds, green clubs, purple spades, and red hearts. All basic symbols hold the same payout value. 

You can receive the following euro payouts by placing the maximum wager per spin:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Diamond / Club / Spade / Heart




Magnificent creatures serve as the high paying symbols. You’ll face these creatures as additional foes in the match to prove how strong you can be in Yokozuna Clash. Fight against wondrous beasts like the azure dragon, green tortoise, purple tiger, and vermillion phoenix. 

You can receive the following euro payouts by placing the maximum wager per spin:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Azure Dragon




Green Tortoise




Purple Tiger




Vermillion Phoenix




Obtain more ways to win with the golden Wild symbol! It substitutes all paying symbols except the Free Spin symbol. 

The Scatter symbol is represented by a red Free Spins symbol and it’s used to activate the Tournament Free Spins feature. You can find the Scatter Free Spins symbol on reels 1 and 5. 

The Free Spins Tournament Begins!

At the beginning of Yokozuna Clash, there are 2 sumo wrestler characters available for you to use in the Free Spins feature. To activate the Free Spins feature, you have to obtain 2 Free Spins symbols on the reels. One of the sumos in the ring will be randomly chosen for the Yokozuna Clash. Your opponent is also chosen randomly for that round. 

Your objective for the tournament is to spin the reels and throw your opponent out of the ring. In order to make your move, you have to get a combination win from left to right. Otherwise, if you win from right to left, your opponent will push your character back. If you succeed, then you will advance to the next round until you reach the finals. If you are knocked out of the ring, the Free Spins feature ends and all wins are credited. 

A battle bar is displayed below the sumo wrestlers to indicate which wrestler is winning the match. Your character’s health is shown in blue bars while your opponent is shown in red bars. It takes 7 steps in both directions to push one wrestler out of the ring. 

Sumo Clash Feature

Score 5 similar symbols in a row and watch how the sumos clash with all their strength. You’ll be rewarded 2-4 extra symbols of the winning payline. The Sumo Clash feature can only be found during the Free Spins feature and winning paylines with a 5-of-a-king only pays once. 

Yokozuna Clash Characters

Main Characters

There are two sumo wrestlers you can use for the Free Spins feature. They appear in the base game until one is pushed out for the Free Spins feature, depending on which sumo remains in the ring. Each sumo wrestler for you to use has its own perks:

Riku is a Japanese sumo wearing a blue mawashi. He can randomly add 1-2 Wilds during the base game. For the Free Spins feature, he can randomly place 1-3 Wilds during the semi-finals and 2-4 Wilds during the finals. His strength is 2 bars so when he pushes his opponent, he’ll be able to push them back 2 bars to the right. 

Haru is a Japanese sumo wearing a green mawashi. He adds x2-x3 Multipliers randomly during the base game. During the Free Spins feature, he can randomly add a x2 or x4 Multiplier in the semi-finals and finals match. He also has an attack power of 2 which means he can push his opponent 2 spaces to the right in every hit. 

Face Your Opponents 

Daisuke is a sumo wrestler who dons on a green kesho mawashi with a clover pattern on it. The kesho mawashi is to show his high rank as a sumo wrestler. You can meet him in the semi-finals match. He can randomly add 1-3 Wilds when he attacks. His attack power is equivalent to 3 and can push your character 3 steps to the left. 

O’Conner is a Scottish Sumo wearing a plaid kilt. When he lands a hit on you, he rewards you a random x2 or x4 Multiplier for that spin. He is another opponent you can fight against in the semi-finals. His attack power is 3 as well. 

Yokozuna appears with sharp fangs to show his demonic nature. He is your last opponent for the Yokozuna Clash finals and he holds great strength as a high-ranked sumo wrestler. He supplies you with 2-4 Wilds and x2 or x4 Multipliers randomly to your current spin! His attack power is worth 4 bars and deals heavy damage. 

Yokozuna Clash: Dohyo, the Tournament’s Stadium

Head inside Dohyo to witness the extraordinary matches these professional sumo wrestlers will show today! Spotlights shine to the centre of the stadium and showcases two sumos standing in front of each other in the ring. They take their positions and ready themselves to push each other until one is out of the ring. It delivers an immersive experience because your spins contribute to the match’s outcome. 

Pump the adrenaline flowing in you while you play by listening to the intense background music. It is composed of heavy drum beats and an orchestra of brass instruments blaring while the wrestlers fight. You can hear the grunts and groans from the wrestlers in the ring as they show their strength as they push their opponent. 

Yokozuna Clash demonstrates amazing cartoonish graphics that would make it entertaining for anyone to play. It shows a colourful palette that is pleasing to the eyes and highlights the contestants at the centre of the ring. Watch how each sumo performs their unique attack moves in every round you participate in. 

Yokozuna Clash: Flex Your Muscles and Your Wins

Cheer on your character in every match by spinning the reels to participate in more exciting matches. Get a chance to tackle your opponents in every spin and engage yourself in action-themed casino slot Yokozuna Clash. Succeed in your matches in the Free Spins feature and advance through the ranks. Fight until you’ve achieved the title as the top yokozuna and you can get a chance to win up to 86,000 credits.

Once you’re done with the Yokozuna Clash tournament, there are more video slots where you can train at in Yggdrasil. Find a partner for a tag team battle and enter a Doubles tournament. Keep on practicing your wrestling skills alongside the professional Lucha Maniacs from Mexico. 

Yokozuna Clash

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