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Immortal Romance

Receive Double the Luck in Fafafa 2!

Since it is a colloquial wish that sounds close to Bababa or ‘triple eight’, people often chant Fafafa to wish for great wealth and incredible fortune. The number 8 is also considered one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. It is also because eight or 八, pronounced as ba, is similar to 發 or fa which means wealth, fortune, and prosperity. 

The Chinese culture has a lot of superstitions like how reiterating a lucky word emphasizes your strong wish. This also applied in the way they are repeating a lucky number three times. They believe that it does not only bring good fortune once but also three times. 

Whisper your wish upon the spirits of your ancestors and try your luck by spinning the reels of casino slot Fafafa2 that has an RTP of 97.12%. You can land Wild symbols that can double or triple the rewards you can receive. Spade Gaming’s FaFaFa 2 reimagines the reels that can be seen in classic casino slot into this serendipitous Chinese game filled with lucky symbols.

Start spinning the reels to get your hands on more chances of landing the jackpot that can amount to 1,000x your bet!

FaFaFa 2 Details 


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.1 credits

Maximum Bet

90 credits


81,000 credits

FaFaFa 2: It’s a Chance to Test Your Luck

Welcome the new year with good tidings while wearing your lucky clothes as you spin the reels of casino slot FaFaFa 2! You can receive great rewards by landing 3 matching symbols across the 3 reels of this slot game. It showcases a single payline right in the middle of the three reels.

Spade Gaming’s casino slot FaFaFa 2 provides 3 bet levels that can bestow various reward multiplier values for each winning combination you land. You can set your bet to start at 0.10 credits that can be raised up to a maximum of 90 credits for every spin you commence!

There are 6 basic paying symbols that can reward you with prizes. There are traditional Chinese symbols that are believed to bring luck in Chinese culture. You can land single, double, and triple mahjong tiles that are made out of bone. These mahjong tiles display red Chinese scripts written on them, displaying their value. 

Pick the glowing, ripe mandarin oranges that represent wealth and prosperity and hope that they will land three times on the reels. You’ll know that you’re really lucky whenever three eight symbols land on a single spin. You can receive the following multiplier values for every winning combination that land:


Bet Level 1

Bet Level 2

Bet Level 3

Any Mahjong tile

1 x your bet

2 x your bet

3 x your bet 

Single Mahjong tile

2 x your bet

4 x your bet

6 x your bet 

Double Mahjong tiles

3 x your bet

6 x your bet

9 x your bet 

Triple Mahjong tiles

5 x your bet

10 x your bet

15 x your bet 

Mandarin orange

10 x your bet

20 x your bet

30 x your bet 

Lucky 8

15 x your bet

30 x your bet

45 x your bet 

Wild Symbol and Multiplier

Spade Gaming’s casino slot Fafafa 2 is not like your typical classic slots because it offers a Wild symbol. It can substitute all paying symbols to form higher combinations. There is also a chance that you activate a 2x or 3x multiplier whenever it lands on the reels and completes a winning combination.

Wild symbols can also present you with reward multipliers for every combination it forms. The values you can receive from the combinations made solely of Wild symbols:


Bet Level 1

Bet Level 2

Bet Level 3


20 x your bet

40 x your bet

20 x your bet

FaFaFa 2: Collecting Wealth With Every Spin

Chinese traditional design always contains the colour red with accents of gold. This is because Chinese people believe that the bright vermillion and accents of gold can bring prosperity and wealth. You can never go wrong with gold accents and fields of vermilion if you want to be lucky. The circular reels of casino slot Fafafa 2 come with gold circles that cover its rim as a sea of auspicious boao coins serve as its bed.

The backdrop that looms behind the reels is decorated with blurred golden circles spread in organized chaos. Take in the jovial spirit which you can feel whenever Chinese festivals come around as the sound of gongs bang in the background along with various string instruments that give off a high-pitched melodious tune. Casino slot Fafafa 2 has modest graphics and along with simple 3D animations. FaFaFa 2 will take you on a journey filled with prosperity and that speaks highly of lucky Chinese beliefs and influences.

FaFaFa 2: Prosperity Is at Your Doorstep

Make loud noises as you welcome fortune with open arms as you start playing casino slot FaFaFa 2! You can obtain rewarding Wild symbols that can stand as a substitute for all symbols to complete combinations while also multiplying payouts by twice or thrice their amount. This slot game can offer you more chances of winning compared to other typical 3-reel classic slot games you can come across with. Keep spinning the reels to grab the chance of getting your hands on prizes that can amount to 1,000x your bet!

Want to receive more riches and fortunes? Start praying to your Three Lucky Stars that can be your connection to the prosperity Prosperity Gods to bestow you with 888 fortunes as you visit Spade Gaming!

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