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Immortal Romance

A Steamy First Love Between Mr Matsu and Yui

Need some way to release some steam? Follow the story of Mr Matsu and Yui, two people who are in love but are held back by society’s view on a teacher-student relationship. Unresolved sexual tension is in the air and Mr Matsu decides to solve it by inviting Yui to his private sex-ed lesson after school. Take these two for a spin on the reels for a chance at exploding loads of stimulating combination wins!

Get some tissues ready for an arousing experience when you watch Mr Matsu and Yui’s First Love take action on the reels. This video slot has garnered a ton of attention for its 97% RTP and euphoric payouts. Its jackpot of up to 180,000x the total bet can take you to extremely pleasurable heights than any orgasm can.  

Don’t hold yourself back and let yourself go wild on the reels as you watch this steamy romance unfold!

First Love Details 


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.50 coins

Maximum Bet

100 coins 


180,000x the total bet

First Love: Bend Over to Receive Exploding Wins

Watch how the budding romance between a teacher and a student evolves into a steamy, erotic casino slot in the story of their First Love. Spend the minimum wager of 0.50 coins to feel the gentle caress of love on the reels. There is also the option to spend the maximum wager of 100 coins to experience the fiery and passionate love of this taboo relationship. 

For the basic symbols, it uses high-ranked playing cards such as Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Each playing card face has its own object attached to it⁠—J with chalk, Q with a chair, K with a loop rug beater, or A with a pile of sweet chocolates. 

Place the maximum wager to receive the following payouts as foreplay before you experience the intense romance between Mr Matsu and Yui in their First Love:


Set of 3 

Set of 4

Set of 5

















Yui mustered up all her courage to give her love letter to Mr Matsu, confessing all her forbidden feelings for him. She gives it to him and her feelings are reciprocated! Ever since that day, they’ve been calling each other through their mobile phones to hide their relationship from everyone else.  

Place the maximum wager to feel the warmth of love blooming from the standard symbols’ payouts: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Love Letter




Mobile Phone




One day, Mr Matsu calls Yui for an after-school session to teach her a private lesson. He prepares her for the test in his sex-ed class by providing her learning materials such as a pair of condoms, purple vibrators, and adult magazines for high paying symbols. Now she has to put what she’s learned into action for her private lesson with Mr Matsu.  

Place the maximum wager to receive full satisfaction from any high paying symbol combination win:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

A Pair of Condoms




Adult Magazines




Purple Vibrator




Work Hard for the Extra Credit

Innocent on the Outside, Wild in the Inside

Yui, a high school student with watermelon-like breasts, performs as a Wild symbol and executes a mesmerizing show for you when she appears. She substitutes all symbols except for her Sensei, the Scatter symbol. 

To emphasise her ample bosom, she shows her great Stack Wilds in casino slot First Love and they can cover reels 3, 4, or 5. It’s possible for there to be more than 40 Wild symbols appear on the reels to boost your winnings and your libido. 

Notice Me Please, Scatter-Sensei!

Mr Matsu serves as Yui’s homeroom teacher and the Scatter symbol for casino slot First Love. He shoots his load of payouts and Free Spins when he starts his lesson. It’ll be hard to resist his tempting Free Spins feature once you turn it on.

Score a set of Scatter symbols to win the following payouts:

  • 3 Scatter symbols give a payout of 5 coins.

  • 4 Scatter symbols give a payout of 50 coins.

  • 5 Scatter symbols give a payout of 250 coins.

Free Games, Free Grades

Mr Matsu’s glasses fog up from the intense heat of his intercourse with Yui and excitement as the Free Games symbol. When 3 or more of his Free Games portrait symbols land, it will trigger the Free Spins feature where you can take both of these characters for a spin!

Hit up Mr Matsu’s Free Games symbols to receive the following Free Spins:

  • 3 Free Games symbols can give you 15 Free Spins.

  • 4 Free Games symbols can give you 20 Free Spins.

  • 5 Free Games symbols can give you 25 Free Spins.

Bukkake Bonuses

Sensei and His Student Go Wild

When it comes to love, it’s hard for couples to hold back from their passionate feelings for one another. They follow their heart and go for it just like Sensei and his student when the Wild Reels are activated. 

During the Wild Reels feature, they’re bursting with ecstatic wins as they go wild on reels 2, 3, or 4. It happens spontaneously on the reels as they both submit into the temptation of their First Love. 

Rock the Reels for Bursting Wins

From how intense their lovemaking is, they were able to create the Rocking Reels feature. When there is a combination win, it will dissolve into small tiny hearts and leave space for more symbols. Symbols will cascade down to fill in the empty spots until there are no more combination wins. 

First Love: The Climax of a Teacher-Student Relationship

When you start this experience, the twinkling music playing as the background soundtrack is similar to the ones played in otome games (Japanese dating simulation games). Its light and upbeat tunes are used to emphasize the start of an adorable romance in Japanese anime or otome game. The symbols are telling of how the game can go considering how Mr Matsu holds up a red textbook with ‘Sex Education’ inscribed on it. 

It grants the same interactive experience when you watch hentai in your private time. For any big win, you’ll hear the couple going faster in their movements while they make erotic sounds. The bigger the win, the bigger the satisfaction they’ll feel and moan about. When you wait for the last Scatter symbol to show, Yui’s moans grow higher in pitch to escalate your anticipation for that desirable moment of the Free Spins feature. 

Spade Gaming keeps it simple like any other First Love and there are no hardcore kinks involved while you play. You can go for it however you want and the rules of the game will just come naturally to you.

First Love: Pleasures of Forbidden Temptation

Allow yourself to fall into the temptation by following the romantic and erotic story of the forbidden teacher-student relationship⁠—Mr Matsu and Yui. You can always take your time when you witness how their private lessons about sex-ed go during the Hentai Wild feature because they won’t be going anywhere. 

Come to casino slot First Love and you’ll have a pleasurable experience you’ll never forget while getting a chance to win up to 180,000x the total bet. 

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