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Samurai Girl: The Descendant of the Kagura Family

Shibuya is left in destruction ever since the plague spread and brought dead samurais back to life. The streets that used to hold a bustling city of people is now empty except for the presence of zombies roaming the area. Citizens are now hiding in their homes in fear except one person. Now only one living being stands before them—the Samurai Girl named Chiaki. 

Chiaki is a descendent of the Kagura family, wielders of the Masamune Kagura sword. She is the only survivor of her family and the only one whose bloodline can wield the power of the Masamune Kagura sword. Its power can drive the samurai zombies to their graves. Help Chiaki in stopping the zombies from wrecking the city any further, effectively stopping the Virus from spreading. 

Face the undead Shogun, the leader of the resurrected samurai, in a boss battle to kill the Virus forever and regain peace back to Shibuya. Win the battle and you’ll get a chance at winning up to €50,000!

Samurai Girl Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Samurai Girl: Eliminate the Virus and All Enemies

Join Chiaki in eradicating the evil that plagues the city of Shibuya in the anime-themed casino slot Samurai Girl. A 3x5-reel layout can be found on rusty fences and it holds 20 fixed paylines. 

Spend the minimum wager of €0.20 or the maximum wager of 1,000 to fight these foes and getting a chance to experience a diverse video slot with its arcade style features.

Scour the area and you can find high-ranked playing card faces on the reels. This includes Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following payouts per set:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5 

J / Q / K








Standard signs are represented by different kanji characters in different colours
—green, purple, orange, and pink. The meaning of the kanji reflects Chiaki’s role in casino slot Samurai Girl as some of it reads ‘female’, ‘samurai’, and ‘sword’. 

Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following payouts per set:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5 

Green Kanji




Purple Kanji




Orange Kanji




Pink Kanji




The main characters of casino slot Samurai Girl surfaces on the reels as the high paying symbols. On the streets of Shibuya, the Samurai Girl stands before the Hachiko statue before she strikes an attack. Chiaki is prepared to slay every Samurai Zombie before she can reach the mastermind behind it allthe undead Shogun. 

Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following payouts per set:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5 

Samurai Zombie




Hachiko Statue




Shogun of the Undead








Control the Abilities of the Samurai Girl

Help Chiaki by spinning the reels to summon any of the special symbols available for special rewards and features:

Flaming Wilds

The Wild symbol is represented by the word ‘Wild’ encased in flames and adorned in gold, red, and purple colours. It substitutes any symbol except the Scatter and Zombie Soul symbols. 

Gather the Zombie Soul Symbol

A Zombie Soul symbol is depicted by a precious amber stone engulfed in flames. Grasp it tightly because it’ll give power to the Katana meter below the reels and summon great skills to defeat the zombies. 

Listen for the Scatter Symbol

Sound the alarm! The zombies are coming in hordes and you need to work together with Chiaki to stop them. A bright crimson bulb is used as the warning siren and the Scatter symbol. It can activate either the Free Game round or the Boss Battle round depending on the Katana Gauge. 

Slay the Horde of Zombies With the Special Features

Defeat the zombies and you’ll be able to reach to the last stage of casino slot Samurai Girl where the Shogun awaits. Use any of these special features to aid you in reaching your goal with Chiaki:

Zombie Slash Multiplier

Chiaki slashes through every Zombie in her path by using her trusty Masamune to reach her goal. The Zombie Slash Multiplier happens randomly during the main game. 

A samurai zombie that wears a straw jingasa and wields a spear walks across the screen to attack Chiaki. Chiaki slays the samurai zombie with finesse and scores you a random multiplier. With each slash, the multiplier can increase up to 4x. The final multiplier shown for your wins in a spin will be used to calculate your total wins. 

Free Game Pandemic Feature

If you land 3 Scatter symbols on the reels before the Katana gauge is completely filled, the Free Game Pandemic feature is triggered. You’ll be brought to a new area in the mall where more zombies lurk. The virus is spreading here so you have to shoot your way out while grabbing payouts along the way. 

There’s a random chance of the pandemic virus appears at the centre of the reels. Kill the virus before it’s too late in order to get more Free Spins! Point and click at the virus then it’ll spread across to other reels. Keep on clicking to get rid of it and get a chance to win a random number of additional Free Spins. 

Boss Battle Feature

To face the wicked Shogun in the boss battle, you must collect and crush the Zombie Soul symbols to fill 1 section of the Katana gauge until it’s completely filled. The Katana is set on fire until 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels to trigger the Boss Battle feature. 

Fight the Shogun to win massive payouts! Both Chiaki and the Shogun start with 3 lives each. Point and click on any spot of the skeletal Shogun to try and hit its weak spot. Whether your attack hits or misses, you’ll still gain Free Spins for the Free Games feature after the battle. There is a possibility of winning cash prizes when the attack hits. 

The number of Free Spins you receive at the end of the battle depends on who won the battle. 

Samurai Girl: Defeat the Shogun and His Zombies in Shibuya

Play in Shibuya where the video slot takes place. Fast-paced techno beats play along with the ambulance and police sirens echo in the background. You can see the deserted city in the backdrop where cars drove off track. The scenery of the famous Shibuya Crossing is shown but no citizens can be found because of the zombie infestation. 

In the base game, you can listen to its intense techno beat while you play. Familiar arcade sound effects play when the Zombie Soul symbol appears on the reels and drops to fill the Katana gauge. Once there are two Scatter symbols present on the reels, the camera zooms in on the anticipated reels because of the possibility of a 3rd Scatter symbol landing by shining bright blue lights onto the succeeding reels. 

During the Free Games feature, the soundtrack shifts to intense rock music similar to the music they play in anime battle scenes. Use the point and click method to shoot at the virus to spot it from spreading. When you attain a huge combination win, a picture of Chiaki appears on the screen and cherry blossoms flutter down to celebrate your victory. 

Samurai Girl: The Battle of a Lifetime

Keep fighting with Chiaki, the Samurai Girl, until the Shogun is defeated and the virus is exterminated. There are many ways to fight this battle but in the end, you can prevail with massive payouts. Spin the reels to help Chiaki with special features like the Free Games and Boss Battle. Aim for victory in the anime-themed video slot Samurai Girl to get a chance to win up to €50,000 and bring peace back to Shibuya. 

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Samurai Girl
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