Second Strike

Second Strike


VolatilityMedium-high volatility

Line up your Luck Sevens in Second Strike

Let’s go back in time to when slots had the classic symbols like red sevens, stars, bells, and cherry with Second Strike! This time it comes with more reels than and its own surprise in this casino slot.

Second Strike slot is reminiscent to its classic predecessors with its iconic symbols but adds its own twist to this timeless genre. Its design reflects and brings veteran players a sense of nostalgia. Players come back for more of this modern remake of the classic model with an RTP of 96.22%. In their special feature, the players get to make their “second strike” at getting a bigger payout once they activate it.  

Second Strike Details 



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Video Slots







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Maximum Bet




Make Your Way Through it Using Second Strike

Instead of the classic 3x3 reels that you find in real life casino slot, Second Strike has been optimized for modern online slots with 3x5 reels. The gameplay is simpler and faster with 10 paylines to win from. It creates quicker opportunities for players to win in this classic mode and adds excitement with its original features. 

This batch of delicious fruits consisting of cherries, grapes, blueberries and watermelons are familiar to any veteran player of casino slots anywhere in Second Strike. They serve as the low paying symbols for the game at maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5





Grape / Blueberries




Half of a Watermelon




These high paying symbols pay tribute to the classics with its lucky red sevens, stars, and bell. In their own version, they added a new symbol, a diamond, that is worth more than a red 7! Striking any of these symbols in a playline will lead you to high payout at maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

















Wild Symbol

This symbol brings a throwback to the classic Wild symbol but now it’s been upgraded to a golden plate with WILD inscribed onto it. Its only purpose in the game is to play as a substitute for any symbol. This symbol can be used to get to the Second Strike feature as well.

Second Strike Feature

The first step in activating this feature can easily be done by getting a payline win for any symbol. There are silhouettes of each symbol on the borders of the reels: 7 for each fruit and 6 for each high paying symbol. The matching silhouette of the symbol that caused the winning line will glow a bright blue colour to indicate where its place is in the border. A glowing yellow box will start randomly along the border then go around until it either hits or misses any of the bright blue boxes. 

Landing on any of the bright blue boxes will lead you to the Second Strike feature where 6-10 of the same symbols will be dispersed across the reels, creating a huge payout. The amount of symbols will depend on how many you had for the base winning line: 

  • 3 of a kind = 6 extra symbols
  • 4 of a kind = 8 extra symbols
  • 5 of a kind = 10 extra symbols.

If it misses then it will simply restart and spin a new round. It is possible to get more chances of getting a “Second Strike” if your winning paylines have 2 or more sets of different symbols but only one symbol will be chosen in the border.

Keep it Classic with Second Strike

Shades of purple rays extend outwards with the glowing gold borders of the slots game at its center. The symbols shine brilliantly with its colourful theme that can catch the eye of any player who comes across it. It’s easy to distinguish between the low and high paying symbols as the classic fruit symbols’ background matches its colour theme of purple while the high paying and Wild symbols as it has their own brightly coloured background. 

Modern synthwave plays at a smooth rhythm while you play with familiar sound effects every time you win. The mechanics are straightforward and easy for anyone to understand. Simply spin the reels until the symbols radiate a yellow and white square background for the winning payline. After passing the Second Strike feature, the symbols will be distributed to random spaces on the reels then it will total the payout with gold spurting from the bottom. 

Give It Your All in Second Strike

This video slots game is perfect for beginners who are testing out different slots games as the design and mechanics are similar to the classic. It’s also great for veteran players who are loyal to the classics. You keep spinning the reels until you get a winning payline but this time, this casino slot gives players a “second strike” at getting more money with its Second Strike feature. Quickspin lives up to its name for making classics easy to understand and quick to play in Sevens High and Prime Zone.


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