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King Tut has Awaken in Tut’s Twister

Within the pyramids, there lies the sarcophagus of the famous pharaoh, King Tut, and his treasures. Tempted by the gold that lies with him, you reach out for it until you feel a gust of wind near you. Electric blue flashes in front of you and a figure appears… it’s King Tut! He now challenges you to slots for disturbing his slumber. 

Treasure awaits in the King’s chamber but there’s a catch! It is known that trespassing into the room of the pharaoh can bring a curse upon you for disrupting his peace. Sensing the disturbance, King Tut has awaken and subjects you to this casino slot as punishment for attempting to steal his possessions with Tut’s Twister. Players have gone to the tombs with an RTP of 97.1% in attempt to receive the jackpot of 125,000. Keep an eye out for King Tut’s Twister as it spits out Walking Wilds and Free Respins.

Tut’s Twister Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




The Pharaoh’s Treasures Obtained from Tut’s Twister

Two hieroglyphs are given before the slots begin. These can be used for activating the Tut’s Twister feature. There is a 4x5 casino slot with 25 fixed paylines comprised of a variety of King Tut’s treasures in each reel in Tut’s Twister. In case you fear the wrath of this pharaoh, you can bet a minimum of €0.10. On the other hand, you can bet €125 if you’re courageous enough to take on the risks of King Tut’s challenges.

There are many treasures that displayed and hidden in the pharaoh’s chamber. Its low paying treasures come in the form of different coloured card suits such as Blue Diamond, Green Clubs, Purple Spade, and Red Heart:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Blue Diamond




Green Clubs




Purple Spade




Red Heart




The most desirable treasures are usually buried with its owner if it’s deemed needed for the after life. Ancient objects that are of great importance in the Egyptian monarchy are used as high paying symbols here:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Hieroglyphic Scroll




Emerald Ring




Horus Falcon Pendant




Bowl of Jewels




Mystery Feature

It entails using the Wild symbol that is represented by the head portion of King Tut’s golden sarcophagus. When it’s displayed, its eyes glow red and has mysterious gifts to offer at random. You can only obtain one of the following:

  • 1 Hieroglyph
  • Extra Wild + Tut’s Twister
  • 25 - 2,500 coins
  • No prize.

Read the Hieroglyphs!

There are assigned sets of hieroglyphs for each column. Two pieces are given at the beginning of the game as a head start. Collecting these hieroglyphs from the Wild symbols and finishing a set will trigger the trap to Tut’s Twister under that reel. 

Tut’s Twister Feature

This requires two or more Wilds or a complete set of hieroglyphs for this feature to be activated. It will then transform one of the columns into a sandstorm filled with wilds and respins. A multiplier meter comes out from its hiding place in the right pillar and increases with every 3 Wilds. This mode will go on until it announces the “Last Chance” to get a Wild symbol. 

Walking Wilds + Respins

Tut’s Twister acts as a locked Wild reel, collecting each Wild by sucking it in. Every Wild will move closer to the swirling sandstorm, one reel at a time, depending on its placement. It will continue to respin until there are no more Wild symbols present. When it’s done, it will spit out all the Wilds it collected and randomly distribute it across the board.


For every new Wild symbol that is present during Tut’s Twister feature, it is contributed to the multiplier meter x1. After every spin, the total payout will be multiplied by how much is in the multiplier meter. In the last round, the accumulated number from the multiplier meter will then be multiplied to the summation of the scattered Wilds for the total payout. 

Tut’s Twister Whirls in its Tomb!

An impressive 3D animated introduction plays before the casino slot starts, adding lore to Tut’s Twister. The scene is set in the pyramids where weapons, skeletons, and treasure are strewn inside. An electric blue sandstorm crashes into the room until it stops in the centre where it unveils a figure: the awakened corpse of King Tut. He uses his power to set his statue lamp aflame with a khopesh grasped tightly as he looks around the room. His eyes land on you and screeches in anger with his eyes and mouth blazing blue. A pillar falls down between the two of you then the logo of the game appears. 

The wind continues to whistle and soft percussions accompany it. In this casino slot, the decayed body of King Tut stands idly by until a Wild symbol appears then he wakes up and gets into fighting position with a khopesh in hand or when Tut’s Twister activates. Treasures like gold and gems are splattered all over the floor in the background. Hieroglyphs are written on the pillar and above the reels. There is some animation for the Wild symbol and the Tut’s Twister feature as sand whirls around the former and a sandstorm is summoned for the latter. The autoplay option allows a minimum of 10 automatic spins and an infinite amount for maximum. 

Tomb Raided in King Tut’s Twister!

Tut’s Twister has amazing graphics and animation especially for its opening sequence. The introduction establishes a story between King Tut and you, immersing you into the lore of this slot game. This will keep you on your toes especially when it comes to King Tut’s animation in the game and his twister. Its trademark feature uses respins to obtain Wilds and Multipliers to aggregate your earnings, obtaining a huge payout of the pharaoh’s gold and treasures. Prove your bravery by challenging Yggdrasil’s worthy opponents by either facing the wrath of Lilith's Inferno or go up against Vikings Go Wild.

Tuts Twister
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