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    Wild Ocean
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    Sail into Swanky Seas with Wild Ocean

    Under the Wild Ocean, you’ll find octopi, eels, jellyfish, crazy anglerfish, and maybe a big win. Somewhere beyond the sea, a wacky, fun slot is waiting for you. Play and you’ll be entertained with every spin in this colourful underwater wonderland of wacky sea creatures.

    This ocean is more than just coral reefs and fishes, especially in this slot by Booming Games. Booming Games is the game provider behind other quirky and fun slots like Revolution and Cheeky Monkeys.

    Swim through the reels and you may encounter some unique payouts and generous bonus features. Special symbols in this game bring in perks that you won’t find in any other slots. Under this Wild Ocean, Wilds can lock onto reels and Squid symbols can give you more ways to win. With excellent 2D graphics and gameplay, Wild Ocean is a quirky take on the vast seas and what lies beneath it. 

    Wild Ocean Details 


    Booming Games

    Game Type

    Video Slot







    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet



    10,000 x your stake

    Wild Ocean: Going by the Current

    This slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines with an interesting twist to its winning combinations. Wild Ocean, unlike most slots, has a feature that pays in both ways - either from left to right or right to left. This is probably one of the most appealing things about the slot because it gives way for more chances to win with its 2-Way Pay system. It takes 3 matching symbols to get a win. It’s also possible to have more than one winning combination in a spin.

    Splashing Symbols

    Wild Ocean has 5 standard card symbols and 4 premium symbols. The following are the highest possible payouts for the card symbols:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    1.50 x your stake

    5 x your stake

    10 x your stake


    1 x your stake

    3 x your stake

    8 x your stake


    0.50 x your stake

    2 x your stake

    6 x your stake


    0.50 x your stake

    2 x your stake

    6 x your stake


    0.50 x your stake

    2 x your stake

    6 x your stake

    Put on your goggles and look out for the Wild Ocean sea creatures as they have significantly higher payouts:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    5 x your stake

    15 x your stake

    50 x your stake


    4 x your stake

    12 x your stake

    40 x your stake

    Red Fish

    3 x your stake

    10 x your stake

    30 x your stake


    2 x your stake

    8 x your stake

    20 x your stake

    There are also three special symbols that trigger certain features in the game.

    The grinning Octopus is the Scatter symbol that can help trigger the Free Spins feature. The giant Squid is the 2-Way Pay symbol. 

    The Shark is the Wild symbol that can substitute for all symbols besides the ones for Scatter and 2-Way Pay.

    Fishy Features

    Wheel of Fortune

    When 3 Scatters are in a winning combination, the Wheel of Fortune is activated. You can spin the wheel and win either 6, 8, 10, or 12 Free Spins. 

    Walking and Locked Wilds

    This feature can be triggered when you are in the Free Spins bonus. When a Walking Wild symbol lands in this bonus round, it can move from one position to the left unless there is already another Walking Wild symbol in its way. It becomes a Locked Wild when it cannot move any further and remains in its place until the end of the Free Spins feature.

    2-Way Pay

    This feature is triggered when you get the special giant Squid symbol. It grants you the 5 spins in which you can get winning combinations from both left and right directions. If ever you have another Squid symbol during the 2-Way Pay round, you have 5 more spins in this feature. If you get 3 Scatters during 2-Way Pay, the bonus game is paused for you to play the Wheel of Fortune. The Free Spins you win can be added to the base game. 

    Wild Ocean: A Pleasing Eye of the Sea

    This Wild Ocean is an interesting sight. Think of it as a blend between any kiddie mermaid movie and an animated Tim Burton film. On the surface level, the colours are bright and the art style is cartoonish. This slot, however, spices up the generic ocean theme. The characters are different from your friendly neighbourhood smiling little fishes that you see on kiddie shows. 

    This slot spices it up with a colourful ambience, eccentric-looking sea creatures, and a heart-pumping soundtrack. The background puts you in a bright and vibrant coral reef with sponge and anemone of different shapes and sizes.

    The sea creatures as symbols are entertaining to see. The Octopus Scatter symbol is grinning menacingly. The Red Fish looks like it’s frowning or bored. The Anglerfish smiles goofily. It is clear that a lot of thought and development was put into these quirky renditions of sea creatures to make the slot interesting and unique 

    The animations for every win reaction spark the sea creatures to act out gestures. For instance, the Shark Wild symbol will open wide through the cloud of bubbles around him. The background music is dramatic and makes every spin entertaining. 

    Wild Ocean Waves at You

    Booming Games has created a slot as unique as its gameplay. This weird underwater theme is a breath of fresh air from the usual ocean-themed slots with conventional characters. The 2-Way Pay special feature might be right around the corner, making this slot stand out like a whale in a school of fish. The game is generous with its tendency to reward you with additional payouts if you get more than one payline for every spin. 

    Put on your scuba suit, slip on your goggles, and sink into this Wild Ocean. You’ll never know what your flippers will hit - maybe the Free Spins or the Wheel of Fortune features or the huge 10,000 x bet win. 

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