How long do deposits take?

Most deposits are processed instantly, however, time will vary depending on the method of payment chosen.

For FIAT methods, you can see how long it's expected for your deposit to be credited on the Deposit page, inside your account's Wallet, right under the name of the method.

For more information about different payment options, please click here.

Crypto deposits, on the other hand, are usually processed automatically in less than 5 minutes after passing a security check.

Nevertheless, in some cases, our payment provider partner might have to run additional verification procedures required by Anti Money Laundering policies. These may include Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, suspicious transaction monitoring, and anti-fraud checks.

You may also be asked additional questions and to upload particular documents; this is to ensure that the process remains safe and fair for all. If documents are requested, you will receive your Bitcoins after our partner manually approves your transaction.

For more information about the KYC procedure, please check here.

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