Harness racing at Sportsbet.io: Find the best odds and markets

From courts and fields to digital screens, Sportsbet.io never falters in giving sports fans and punters alike the best of all worlds through our fun, fast, and fair Bitcoin sports and esports betting experience! This is because beyond visiting arenas and supporting talented teams and players, you can also find the next class of Standardbred champions emerging in the ashy, if not muddy, race tracks of harness racing.

Hop on in the sulky and hold your reins well because Sportsbet introduces you to the thrilling world of harness racing. Although seemingly similar to horse racing because of the participating animal, it is the test of speed, balance, and overall elegance. From what it is to how you can enjoy it to the fullest, let’s find out what awaits you from betting on. 

Harness racing in a nutshell: How it is different from horse racing

Horse racing is the most popular type of equestrian sport, but the trotting and pacing of Standardbreds shine in a different limelight. In all honesty, let’s face it, it looks interestingly bizarre at first glance, but it is actually a serious sport with big-time opportunities if you know your way around the nitty-gritty details of its scene.

  1. Champion horses

  2. Just as there are various types of car racing due to the variety of vehicle production, horse racing and harness racing differ in their two specific champion horses. Tall, slim, well-chiselled, and athletic horse breeds called Thoroughbreds compete in horse racing, whereas slightly heavier, solid, and well-built horses with good dispositions called Standardbred compete in harness racing. They are well-rounded breeds that can also excel off the racetrack and be used in many other equestrian activities like horse shows and pleasure riding. 

  3. Means of locomotion

  4. The most evident identifier between horse racing and harness racing is their mode of transportation. While these strong animals power both types of sports, of course, one aspect you will notice instantly is the additional use of a two-wheeled cart called sulky (or ‘spider’ in other places) in harness racing. 

  5. Professionals who pilot the horses

  6. Professionals who ride on the backs of Thoroughbreds are called jockeys, whereas riders compete alongside the Standardbreds. They sit on the sulky in a 160° position — much as if they are lying down if seen from a distance. 

  7. Movements

  8. If you look very closely, Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds move differently. Since horse racing is a race of speed, agility, and endurance, Thoroughbreds can gallop with a stride of both hind and front legs contacting the ground at the same time.

    Standardbreds in harness racing are more restricted with two specific types of gait they must maintain during the race, which can either be pacing or trotting. Pacers require their right front and right hind leg to contact the ground at the same time. Trotters, however, do the opposite sides, such as the right front foot and left back foot.

    Unlike Thoroughbreds which are allowed to reach high speeds with ease, harness racing follows a stricter rule. Should Standardbreds break their stride during a race, they must lose ground to the rest of the field until they restore their appropriate stride. 

  9. Track

  10. Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds race on two different tracks. The former is more likely to spread across the track, as opposed to the latter which is trained to save as much ground as possible. This is because harness racing fields typically keep to a single-file line for a good section of the race.

  11. Betting advantages

  12. Horse racing and harness racing exude an aura of power and thrill, most especially when betting comes into play. Although both are enjoyable and profitable at Sportsbet, their above-mentioned differences are enough to say that one is better than the other. The question is, which is which? As for harness racing, here are some quick facts about why it might be the market for you.

    Healthy Standardbreds can race every single week, whereas Thoroughbreds can do once per month. Horse racing is more challenging to bet on than harness racing because its races can be on turf, grass, dirt, clay, and synthetic turf. It is common knowledge in this industry that certain horses react differently to various surfaces — they can be fast, slow, or perform at their average speed. 

    In other words, the real test of horse racing betting lies in the degree of changes both in the competition and the Thoroughbred you are wagering on. Unlike the consistency in harness racing, your calculations remain relevant every week. You can be confident in your favourite Standardbred because the races occur either on dirt or asphalt.

Harness racing betting at Sportsbet.io: 4 excellent features that await you

So, could it be the pacers or trotters? Whatever your betting preferences may be, you are already racing your way to big rewards with Sportsbet! We guarantee to make your harness racing betting experience at its best with the four following features we offer! 

  1. Interface powered by Latrobet

  2. Have a seamless harness racing betting experience at Sportsbet because our interface is powered by Latrobet. They are a 360° horse racing solution that delivers their extremely creative Racing API, thereby giving you state-of-the-art quick and smooth navigation. You can easily check the list of races, countdown timer indicating when they will start, odds and lines, and even comprehensive runner details to assist you to come up with the best and soundest betting selections.

    Sportsbet is a global platform, catering to punters of different nationalities. Our available harness racing events spread across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Europe. For faster reference, the Latrobet interface grouped them accordingly. The leftmost portion is the locations of the racetracks, where beside them are scheduled races categorised under the terms of ‘R1’ (race one) to ‘R14’. While the majority of them have a countdown timer, some can be sorted either from the following:

    • Soon (represented by green colour)

    • Starting (represented by red colour)

    • Fixed odds (represented by a small right-facing triangle)

    • Closed (represented by a locked sign)

    • Abandoned (represented by the term ‘Abdn’)

  3. Betting lobby: 5 betting options to choose from

  4. Be ready for the lightning ride of your life with the drivers and Standardbred champions, as you pick from our available five betting options.

    • Fixed odds (Win and place) → The majority of harness racing events at Sportsbet are fixed-odds betting, which is a traditional practice where a bookie like us offers odds on a specific outcome in a race. Although guaranteed with predetermined winnings, they can still be subject to changes if Standardbreds, drivers, or trainers experience unanticipated problems before or at the start of the race. Should this happen, this is where tote win bets become handy to you. Win and place is another betting line under fixed odds. Here, you may bet on the Standardbreds you think will finish first (win) as well as the other champions following the first (place). With that, its payouts are comparatively higher than the rest.

    • Quinella → Quinella is a more systematic bet in which you pay more for each horse in a single ante. In any order, the horses you pick must finish first and second.

    • Exacta → Exacta may have the lowest winning odds on this list, but it actually pays out the most. For each ante, you must choose three Standardbreds and determine which of them will make up the top three places. To win this betting line, you must get your first two champions right. 

    • Trifecta → This betting line allows you to choose three horses to finish first, second, and third in the proper sequence. It's similar to exacta, but it's more difficult because all of your selections must be precise.

    • First Four → A first four bet is exactly what it sounds like. You must pick the first four horses to cross the line in the precise sequence to win the wager. While this betting line is one of the most difficult bet types in racing, it can pay off handsomely for novice and experienced punters alike!

  5. Mobile betting and high-quality live streaming

  6. Sportsbet remains at the forefront of the industry because apart from the worldwide scope of harness racing and profitable odds, we continue to partner with brilliant organisations, like Latrobet, for a crypto sports betting experience like no other.

    In addition to our seamless interface navigation by Latrobet, we worked with talented UX professionals who redesigned our site. We're delighted to offer you a superior mobile interface with quicker withdrawals and one-tap betting. Even better, we upped our game by launching a live streaming service, making us one of the first Bitcoin-focused sportsbooks in the world. This product has localised versions in Brazilian, Japanese, and Russian, among other languages.

  7. Price Boost to increase your odds daily

  8. Sportsbet's daily Price Boost assists you on your way to even higher earnings! With our latest enhanced odds up to a maximum, you may increase your chances of winning and earnings! All you have to do is go to your 'My Bets' page and select the 'Price Boost' button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions in mind? We’re sure you are excited to explore the world of harness racing but might be diffident to try on the spot because of some technical concerns. To save you time, here we list down the four most asked questions that you might be thinking of as well: 

  1. Do the odds change?

  2. Yes, especially if you want to participate in harness racing live betting. Several factors that have an immediate impact on the race might cause odds to fluctuate from time to time, so keep a watch on our betting sites for more information.

  3. What digital currencies does Sportsbet.io accept?

  4. Sportsbet wouldn’t be the best crypto sports and esports betting site in the market for nothing. We are home to various but world-renowned digital currencies, such as follows:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)

    • Ethereum (ETH)

    • Litecoin (LTC)

    • Tether (USDT)

    • Tron (TRX)

    • Ripple (XRP)

    • All Sports Coin (SOC)

  5. Does Sportsbet.io offer special bets?

  6. Apart from Sportsbet’s fantastic daily Price Boost, you can further elevate your harness racing betting journey to be more thrilling and profitable with our two exclusive promotions: the Multi Master Challenge and Free Bet Challenges. The former allows you to gamble on 15 featured matches from various sports (including harness racing), while the latter gives you the chance to earn a bonus if you lose a qualifying bet

  7. What odds formats are available at Sportsbet.io?

  8. As a global crypto sports betting platform, Sportsbet guarantees to be more inclusive in all aspects. Wherever you are in the world, you will find a seamless and quality betting experience with our five available odds formats, which are:

    • American

    • Decimal

    • Indonesian

    • Hong Kong

    • Malaysian 

Bet on harness racing at Sportsbet.io

If you love the excitement of horse racing, but don't like the all-out rush, harness racing might be up your alley. It is an amazing sport in its own right, and it offers plenty of betting opportunities for those who are interested. That is, of course, if you would like to place a wager on horses that are pulling a vehicle rather than running freely and kicking up dust.