Club Talk rules

As much as we trust our users to use this feature responsibly, we still need to make a few things clear in relation to the use of the Club Talk forum.

1. No spamming. No Begging. No Asking for loans. Talk sports and bets. That's it.

2. No harassing or offensive comments towards other users. Differences of opinion and views on outcomes are always welcome but please ensure to keep it reasonable.

3. No using this feature to advertise, buy, sell or trade goods or personal items for your own or someone else's gain.

4. No suspicious behaviour that can be seen as potential scams.

5. Links: Only links and links to articles provided by are allowed to be posted in Club Talk. Any other link added may be subject to be removed without warning and could prompt a user ban.

6. No prospecting or begging.

7. and/or their authorized moderator can suspend/ban/block any accounts from Club Talk if they believe a rule has been broken or taken advantage of.

8. staff determine and have the final say over whether the rules of use criteria have been broken.

9. If users believe they have been unfairly banned/suspended/blocked can appeal the decision via email to [email protected] - attn: Sportsbet Community Manager.

10. All other rules of use, terms of service apply to club talk if not already listed above.

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