What is Survivor game?

Rules for Cricket Survivor Pool

  • The Survivor Pool will take place over 5 rounds of the Cricket World Cup, with 5 games per round.
  • Pick one team per round. Once a team has been picked, it cannot be selected in the following rounds.
  • You move to the next round when the team selected wins.
  • Survive until the end of the last round, for a chance to win a share of the prize pool.
  • There is a state limit to one entry per person/account.
  • If no picks are selected for a specific week, no automatic selections will be made on your behalf, and therefore you will be eliminated.

Buy Back In
In the event of being eliminated or as a late entry fee, there is an option to buy into the game. However, this is at the discretion of Sportsbet.io, and the option may not always be available.The buy back in cost may vary depending on round, and is not compulsory to purchase, unless you wish to continue to participate.

Prize Pool
The 50,000 USDT prize pool will be split between all users who survive until the end of the last round. In the event there is no winner, it is at the discretion of Sportsbet.io on whether to (a) split the prize pool with all users who reached the furthest point in the game, or (b) announce there is no winner for the contest as no-one survived round 5.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Should Sportsbet.io detect fraud, foul play, any manipulation of the promotion rules, or abuse of the promotion, the relevant player and their related accounts will be suspended from the current and any future promotions.
  2. Sportsbet.io reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time.
  3. These terms and conditions are in addition to Sportsbet.io General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms and Conditions.
  4. These Terms and Conditions may be published in several languages for informational purposes and ease of access by players. The English version is the only legal basis of the relationship between you and us. In the case of any discrepancy with respect to a translation of any kind, the English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

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