Why Cryptocurrency?

Why Cryptocurrency?

Using cryptocurrency can benefit you in many ways. Here we picked the three most important reasons to consider at least trying crypto.

1. Crypto grants you pseudo-anonymity

Why is it called 'pseudo' anonymity? Simply put, it is because anyone and everyone can see all the transactions on the blockchain, except the who's who. On the blockchain, you are represented by the wallet you control, which often looks like 0x1234abcd... or bc1abc123... Before you claim and confirm that you own the wallet, nobody can tell who is behind it, and you can stay anonymous.

2. Crypto is cheaper and faster than FIAT

Cheap: you refer to banks to open your savings account to keep your money safe or to receive your salary. A different payment system like Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal helps you shop online or pay bills. You might even need a different payment system like SWIFT or Western Union to send money abroad. All of these things cost money to maintain, secure and operate. Banks and financial institutions like the ones we've just mentioned must hire staff and pay for servers, office rent, and security. When you use crypto, there's no staff salary to pay, no buildings to rent, and the cost savings are passed on to you.

Fast: ever paid for a bill online only to get a message like 'payment will be reflected in 2 to 3 working days'? Or maybe log into an online wallet to get the dreaded 'account blocked' or 'pending' alert? There's no such issue with crypto. As long as you've made the right payment with the correct fees, you'll always get your bills paid or your money sent in minutes, if not seconds.

3. Crypto is borderless and always available

Crypto can be bought, sold, and accepted by people anywhere in the world. Sure, some governments restrict their trading or commercial activities with it, but there isn't a single place on the planet where you wouldn't be able to use crypto independently.

You can access your funds and move them around whenever you want, to whomever you want.

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