Champions of Football Frenzy

Celebrate the Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League with our "Champions of Football Frenzy" campaign. Score rewards up to 5 times, with prizes up to 250 USDT from Saturday to Thursday.

How to Score Your Rewards:

  • Ensure eligibility by opting into the campaign.
  • Bet a minimum of 150 USDT in a single go on any football match and get rewarded if your bet doesn't win
  • Claim up to 250 USDT worth of rewards from Saturday to Thursday.

Reward structure:

Bet Reward Frequency
150 USDT 10 USDT free bet + 5 USDT free spins Up to 5 times
300 USDT 20 USDT free bet + 10 USDT free spins Up to 5 times
500 USDT 35 USDT free bet + 15 USDT free spins Up to 5 times

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