is presenting you SetTennis product, please have a read and get to know about specific rules and conditions you need to know before placing a bet.

  • 🎾 Sprint matches are based on historical information. All matches are between top tier historical and present tennis players.
    PLEASE NOTE: the names appear before and during the match are fictional
  • 🎾 The format of the match is one set shootout
  • 🎾 All matches will start at a score of 0-0
  • 🎾 After the match is finished, a unique message will be delivered with Player names, Tournament name, Match date, Set number and score.
  • 🎾 The duration of each set varies from one league to another. All sets are played in a “best of” format with a possible tiebreak, with the following formats:

Best of 5
Match Winner - First to 3
Deciding game draw - 2-2, Playing until 4
Tiebreak - At 3-3

Best of 7
Match Winner - First to 4
Deciding game draw - 3-3, Playing until 5
Tiebreak - At 4-4

Best of 9
Match Winner - First to 5
Deciding game draw - 4-4, Playing until 6
Tiebreak - At 5-5

Full Set
Match Winner - First to 6
Deciding game draw - 5-5, Playing until 7
Tiebreak - At 6-6

Now is the time to place your first bet!

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions