Welcome to Club Talk!

Welcome to Club Talk!

Chat with mates using the all-new Club Talk feature

Sportsbet.io’s Club Talk feature is the place where like-minded people can talk about sports, punting and everything in between. You can also find Sportsbet.io's latest offers, competitions and news!

Eligible* desktop and mobile users can find Club Talk at the bottom right corner of the user screen, where they can chat on the Sportsbet channel, see our latest deals on the Special Offers channel and the latest in sports, previews and Sportsbet.io news in the News channel. You can also share your betslips for Club Talk users to see on the Shared Betslips channel!

So head to the tab at the bottom right of the screen and start chatting!

NB! Club Talk is not a customer service help tool - any questions for Sportsbet.io staff should be directed as per usual to the 24/7 Live Chat function.

*For more information and detailed Club Talk Rules of use, head to the link below.

⚠️  Please note: Club Talk is only available while using the site in English

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