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Jun 4, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Draisaitl Claims He Can Do Better

Despite clinching the Art Ross Trophy this season, leading scorer Leon Draisaitl believes that he can still come up with a much better performance. He is keen on showing his better form when the Edmonton Oilers head on to their qualifying game for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As a part of the NHL’s Return to Play Plan, the Oilers are clearly headed for another playoff run. This time, they have a big weapon in the form of Draisaitl who has shown a lot of promise for the team with his scoring antics and strong dedication to the game.

Draisaitl finished with 110 points this season coming off 43 goals and 67 assists in just 71 games. He gathered those just right before the league has paused all of the NHL action on March 12 due to the global pandemic that has forced to halt other sports leagues as well.

Draisaitl has notched his first scoring title in six seasons in the NHL. The 24-year-old finished with 105 points last year when he tallied 50 goals and 55 assists in 82 games. He finished fourth behind Nikita Kucherov, who had 129 points for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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‘I'm proud in a way, of course, but I know that I have lots of things to work on’, the Edmonton Oilers forward said. ‘It's obviously the cliche, everyone says that, but it is true. At the end of the day that there are many things that I can improve. I want to do that every year’.

He claims that he is lucky enough to have teammates who support him all the way and has helped him evolve into a strong player with a lot of heart on the ice rink. He has become a lethal scorer in the game with no regard for any defence against him.

He finished 13 points ahead of his star teammate Connor McDavid, who had 97 points coming off 34 goals and 63 assists this season. Draisaitl is also set to be in the options for the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP for this campaign.

The Oilers are set to play the Chicago Blackhawks for the qualifying round, and Draisaitl is itching to play.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA