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A look at the week 10 NFL rankings
Nov 6, 2019, 11:39:00 AM

A look at the week 10 NFL rankings

The NFL has reached week 10, which kicks off tonight – here, we take a look at the teams who are on top and consider the key talking points.

The New England Patriots have been revealed to be mortal after all as the Baltimore Ravens upended them to show that they should also be taken seriously.

The San Francisco 49ers now look comfortable at the top, given they have not lost a game yet.

They have played one games less than the Pats, but this does not mean that we can discredit their incredible 8-0 record so far.

This 49ers’ defence is one of the best in the NFL and their offence is also looking like it will take some stopping.

They have managed 4.7 rushing yards per attempt recently, which is not a great stat overall and indicates some weakness in the backline.

Kwon Alexander, one of their key linebackers, is now out for the rest of the season, and his contribution will be greatly missed in defence.

The Patriots have conceded 369 rushing yards in the last two games, which is unusual for such a consistent back line.

There have been plenty of calls for them to go back to basics, at least for a game or two, in order to get back to some surer plays and reassure the team and the fans that they won’t fall apart despite one shock loss.

The New Orleans Saints have been one of the surprise packages this season, and sit pretty with a 7-1 record that indicates that they are ready to push on in week 10.

Michael Thomas has been one of the big reasons why they are doing so well, but the Saints will start to think that they need more help from their other receivers.

The ‘one-man team’ tag has been following them around for some time, and they could do with shaking this off, and fast, before Thomas gets targeted out of the game too much.

The Saints had a huge drop-off in the latter half of last season, and the signs are there that this could happen again unless they bring their tight ends and other wide receivers into more prominent positions.

There are weaknesses in the current top three, and the main question for this next set of fixtures is whether the other sides can exploit them.


Words: Josh Dixon

Images: PA