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Buccaneers star Tom Brady believes he can play until he's 50
Sep 20, 2021, 3:38:00 AM

Buccaneers star Tom Brady believes he can play until he's 50

Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar quarterback Tom Brady is still the best player in the NFL at 44 years of age. He is confident that he can play until he’s 50. That will be an amazing achievement for anyone but fans of the sport shouldn’t be surprised by what Brady can do.

Brady has already proven that he’s arguably the best player of all time. That is almost a consensus opinion because he has proven it time and time again with his five championship rings with the New England Patriots and one ring with the Bucs. Most top-level athletes retire in their late 30s because they tend to slow down.

In Brady’s case, 44 is still young for him. He’s in amazing shape and he can still dictate the game’s pace with his passing and elite play calls. Brady is still the best player in the sport which is insane considering that he is two decades older than where he started his NFL career.

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Brady continues to push boundaries

For the longest time, Brady always said that he wants to play until he’s 45 years of age. Since he just turned 44 in August 2021, he has proven that he still has some years left in him. The tank is still filled to the brim with gas and it will be hard to deny that he deserves a shot to prove his worth as an elder football statesman.

When his running mate Rob Gronkowski asked him a question about retirement on their YouTube series Tommy and Gronky, Brady responded with speculation. He said, ‘Wow, seems to be a really hot question lately. “Can Tom Brady play 'til 50?” Like, 50 years old? Fifty. I don't find it so difficult. Plus, in Florida, it's kind of a retiree state, so I feel like I can play and then just glide into retirement. I think I can. I think it's a yes’.

This is big for Brady and the entire football scene. If he can make such a big impact until he’s half a century old, you can expect that the rest of the NFL will be inspired. If they can take care of their body and play at an elite level, they can have careers that span more than two decades.

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Adding to the GOAT résumé

There will be no doubts about Brady’s GOAT résumé if he can play at a high level until he’s 50. That will be proof that he deserves every bit of praise that he receives because he can still be a star at that age. Most athletes are long gone by that age but Brady is intent on boosting his legendary legacy even more.

Brady is already a sure-fire Hall of Famer but if he can win more titles, it will be hard to deny his legacy even more. The only obstacle that he has to overcome is if his wife will allow him to play until he’s 50. However, according to Brady, that won’t be an issue. The Bucs QB said, ‘That is a way better question. I'm just kidding, I'm sorry, babe. I love you. You would let me. You would let me do anything, as long as I'm happy’.

It will be fun to see how people will react to Brady playing until he’s 50. He’s already the biggest name in football but pushing 50 years old will just cement his spot as the best player of all time.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA