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Can Goff lead the Lions to success?
Jun 11, 2021, 4:38:00 AM

Can Goff lead the Lions to success?

Jared Goff is coming in for a fresh start with the Detroit Lions this year. So far, the star is seen as the team's saviour, however, the pressure starts to mount up for them as they look to make more changes.

So far, Goff enjoys his time with the Lions in their past training sessions, and he is loving his run with the rest of the squad so far. While he does not have much experience with the team just yet, the star knows there is going to be a bright future ahead with the team.

Goff is excited to bring the best of his game to the team. With head coach Dan Campbell entering his first year in coaching along with offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn paving the way, Goff already feels at home with the squad.

‘I think that's been a healthy relationship and something that's been fun for me to experience and be a part of guys that are really wanting to hear from me and wanting to hear what I like’, Goff said.

The question now rises for Goff and the rest of the Lions: is he the key to success for this young squad?

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Goff’s hopes

Goff claims he had a great start with the Lions. This was not the same in his run with the Los Angeles Rams - the team who went on to trade him for the Lions star Matthew Stafford. It was the first time that no. 1 overall picks were traded for each other.

Still, the Lions’ star knew he just had to say what’s on his mind. Goff wants to make it clear that he is happy where he is now. He does not want to throw up a cheap shot to the Rams as if he did not enjoy it and made the most of his chances there.

‘For this to start off on that foot, I think is the best thing I can say. It's been fun’, Goff said. ‘It's been really cool being able to really use my strengths and use my knowledge and use what I know’.

Goff also knows there is more to expect with the Lions in the next season. After missing the playoffs for a very long time, it was just about time the team made a huge push to the postseason.

If Goff is sure of one fact about the Lions, it is that they are hungry to win games and play better this time with a lot of grit.

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Why Goff is pleased in his time with Detroit

Goff has reunited with Brad Holmes - who was a former part of the Rams’ front office. This puts a familiar face for Goff to relate to the rest of the club. The star has won a total of 42 games in the past four seasons - tying Russell Wilson for second in that span.

While they had the same win pattern, the only difference between Goff and Wilson is the end result of it. The Rams lacked a push to the Super Bowl in years, which he hopes to change this time with the Lions.

So far, the Lions are doing all they can to make Goff happy. It would be up for the star to make those chances count and pull the team up in the NFL table soon. The star can prove his worth once more, and he will not waste his shot this time.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA