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Giants open to start new football era
Nov 25, 2021, 4:31:00 AM

Giants open to start new football era

The New York Giants are one of the few teams in the NFL who still need to find a way to work on their games at this point in the 2021-22 season. After a brief struggle, there are a lot of teams who still need to tweak their roster, and the Giants are open to doing so.

The Giants are running on a cliff and they are yet to show their worth as a squad. They are falling with three anvils pulling them down. General manager Dave Gettleman, head coach Joe Judge, and quarterback Daniel Jones are all contributing factors to the team's 9-17 record over the last two seasons.

There is nothing to expect from the team at this point. They are struggling to win games and there is no signal about progress from the team. The signs are leading them to the edge of the standings as they did in the past two years. At 3-7, the Giants have lost another season, and they are eager to change their chances soon.

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A season ago, excuses were still valid due to the pandemic. They had a new coaching staff and perspective and had a 6-10 record by the end of it all. The Giants were still competitive in the league’s worst division and even finished one game behind as division champs.

The lack of growth can be coupled with the poor pace they have in the division. The Dallas Cowboys have improved a lot with a 7-3 record and the Philadelphia Eagles already have more wins this season than they did a year ago.

The idea of another rebuild is not a good look for the Giants. Maybe a fresh start is all they need to get a better run in their games. After all, a rebuild takes time and luck when it comes to drafting the right rookie.

On top of that, the Giants have never reached a .500 record ever since the 2017 campaign. That is not a good note for a team that has been waiting for a chance at the playoffs.

The Giants still have a lot of work to do ahead of them, and they may need to enter a new era of football away from their usual stars.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA