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Dec 11, 2019, 1:22:00 PM

Looking at the teams in the best position for Week 15

As we get closer to the end of the regular season, it is worth looking at the rankings for each team and how this changes over each week in the NFL.

As always, the winners look pretty at the top, but some surprise results go to show that nothing can be taken for granted in this league.

Naturally, the Baltimore Ravens are top after going 11-2 for the season and extending their hot streak to nine wins in a row 

They have beaten the New England Patriots, have the head-to-head advantage even if they slip up by a game, and look like they should be able to run home to top seeding.

There is a reason why so many are backing them in the sports betting stakes, with MVP frontrunner Lamar Jackson in tow.

Arguably, they have been having their best offensive season in all of their franchise history, and the collective work they are putting in is shining through.

Jackson leads for the most touchdown passes, and they have already scored more than they ever have in a season.

Their defence and specials teams looked good before their offence took it up another level, and now they look like a complete package.

The team expected to join them in the Super Bowl at this rate are the San Francisco 49ers, who are also 11-2, hanging on by just a thread in that regard after one of the most memorable games of the season saw them score a late field goal in a 94-point thriller.

Their defence has been the true hero for their side, but they may get caught short when they are pushed in the lanes by a side who know how to counter certain tactics.

Until then, their coach Kyle Shanahan has been pushing them to the top of the North with some impressive plays.

This sees the New Orleans Saints rise up the rankings to 10-3 behind these two sides, with only this late loss to the 49ers meaning that they did not reverse fortunes with the side above them.

The Patriots are on 10-3, but the Kansas City Chiefs’ win at the weekend means that they could well be favoured above them on 9-4, having secured head-to-head advantage with just a couple of games left 

Defensively, things could definitely improve for the Chiefs, but their offense is the best in the NFL right now.

On the other hand, a once impenetrable Patriots defence looks shakier right now as their offence is not firing properly, bringing more attention to their backline.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA