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Parsons eyeing to take down QBs for Dallas
Sep 24, 2021, 4:03:00 AM

Parsons eyeing to take down QBs for Dallas

Micah Parsons has been getting a good taste for quarterbacks as he keeps on targeting them in every game. The rookie has impressed well in his games and is showing off his defensive talent in the first few weeks of action for the Dallas Cowboys.

Once started out as a rookie linebacker, Micah was moved to the defensive end to cover for the club’s short line in Week 2. He did not back down from the big task and even sacked Los Angeles Chargers star Justin Herbert for a loss of 18. He has a knack for taking down a lot of QBs in the game, which proved to be his line of work.

Micah is one of the best rookies of the 2021-22 season who has taken the league by storm not only for his grit in terms of passing the ball or scoring touchdowns. He was a beast on the defence and needs to prove that he can keep on winning for the team.

‘Every quarterback (we face this season) is on the hit list. I want all of them’, the Dallas rookie said. ‘(Jalen) Hurts is on the hit list now, too. You got to look at it like you're trying to be like The Terminator out there’.

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That is a bold and confident remark from a rookie who is yet to play a full season. He is one of the top picks in 2021 and so far he’s been a spark for Dallas. He is definitely a star in the making and would be a big hit just like Dak Prescott soon.

Defense is a big factor in Dallas’ games. The team is known for their defensive wall, and Micah adds to that list as he improves and learns how to take down the crucial stars of the opposing team, mainly their QBs. Taking down any QB would change the whole flow of the game and give the team a big advantage.

Micah had a lot of good games in the preseason. When he was pressed into the defensive role, his game got better, and there is no reason to take him out of that spot for now since he’s been doing great. Micah says he’s still far from being tired from playing a new spot for the Cowboys.

‘When you've got a wild bull, you don't just let him pace, you let him run’, the Dallas rookie said. ‘If I'm tired, I'll tell them I'm tired. I'm out there, I just want to play’.

As long as Micah can thrive in his spot with Dallas, fans can expect him to succeed in his games for good. That should keep them happy en route to the next set of games that the team will play for the 2021-22 season.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA