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Saleh explains why the Flacco trade isn’t a bust
Nov 30, 2021, 4:18:00 AM

Saleh explains why the Flacco trade isn’t a bust

Coach Robert Saleh is convinced that the New York Jets’ move to trade for star QB Joe Flacco is a huge win for the team. The coach was firm in his stance and believes that there is a bright future for the team as he hopes to see more success in the 2021-22 season.

The Jets hit a tough rock in their 2021-22 season when Zach Wilson was injured. The team soon made their journey more unusual when they traded for a veteran star in Joe. Most fans did not expect him to sign with the Jets after his exit back then.

The star QB did not step in for the Jets in his first two weeks with the team and needed time to digest most of the offence to play well. Flacco took over the helm for the Jets’ attack in Week 10 and had the starting spot in Week 11. Those were the two games that the Jets lost by scoring 17 points in each.

While there are a lot of doubts on Joe, Saleh stands firm on his claim that the star has what it takes to lead them to success in the 2021-22 season even if they failed to tally a winning record at this point.

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Saleh’s faith is undaunted

The Flacco trade was worth it in Saleh’s eyes. He is convinced that while it was no easy call for the team, there was no risk with it as well. They could get the sixth pick they traded for him in a snap, but the QB’s talent is something that they cannot get from drafts right away.

‘That was an easy decision in terms of here's a proven quarterback, a Super Bowl quarterback, a record holder, a guy who can settle an offense if he needs to step in there’, Saleh said. ‘Which he proved on Sunday, he did a phenomenal job against Miami's pressure system. So that in itself is worth its weight in gold. So, as far as the draft capital, the thinking, it was a no-brainer. A sixth-round pick is not hard to recoup’.

It is fair to wonder why the Jets truly needed Flacco. He is an elite QB who was the centrepiece for the Baltimore Ravens back in the day. He spent his last few seasons wandering in the league and played for teams in Denver, New York, and Philadelphia.

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The Jets are yet to see Flacco’s big game

Flacco did have one big game where he played full action. He made 24 of 39 passes for 291 yards to go along with two touchdowns. That is a huge leap of faith for Saleh considering that both games Flacco played in were losses.

Other than that, the Jets have not seen the best of Flacco just yet. There are many doubts on how he could make an impact on the team in the coming months. That is still not sure since it will take time for Flacco to return to the lineup due to COVID-19.

As the Jets try to find a way to win, the team hopes to ensure their chances with Flacco, and that means a lot for their goal to break their slump in the NFL. They are attempting to shape their roster into a group that can win league titles, and that starts with Flacco’s health. After all, he is going to be the leader of the Jets in the future.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA