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Seahawks survive scare to take top spot in NFC West
Dec 3, 2019, 2:33:00 PM

Seahawks survive scare to take top spot in NFC West

The Seattle Seahawks have a 10-2 record this season, but they have a habit of making things difficult, with concentration late on in games especially causing them some trouble.

It took another late defensive effort to register a win at home against the Minnesota Vikings, who nearly overturned a 17-point deficit to come within just four points, before a final field goal finished off the game at 37-30 to Seattle.

Some strange decisions from the Seahawks, including who they keep putting forward in offence and how slow many of their starts seem to be, will make it hard to justify them going quite as far in the playoffs as their record may indicate.

Right now, Seattle will feel that they are in the ascendancy for the NFC, and are not so far away from causing the previously dominant San Francisco 49ers some major headaches.

The Seahawks beat the 49ers in Week 10, and now it all comes down to a tasty Week 17 fixture to see who can get the vital win and where the head-to-head advantage will go.

At present, Seattle have that one in the bank, but if they keep threatening to stumble like this both early and late in their matches, they will have their work cut out.

There are four weeks of the regular season to go, and if it carries on at anything like this pace, NFL fans are in for some ride.

Pete Carroll’s side have not seemed to figure out yet when they are meant to take it easy or when they need to not rush so hard to leave some clear lines in defence, but it is entertaining for everybody watching at least.

Rashaad Penny, the Seattle rushing back, has showed his worth in particular in the last couple of matches, having had his first real breakout against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

In just 19 touches, he was on the end of two touchdowns and ran for 107 yards. 

He has been on their books since 2018, but the rookie pick from last year has mostly been kept out of the headlines by the more dominant Chris Carson.

Carson, their running back with a couple more years of experience, also rushed over 100 yards and got a touchdown for his side.

One happy trend for the Seahawks is knowing that they have had an amazing record in primetime games since 2010, being 19-2 at home over that period

They have one more of these to come, against the Los Angeles Rams next Sunday.

Words: James Franklin
Images: PA