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Seattle eyes deal with Bless Austin
Sep 8, 2021, 3:54:00 AM

Seattle eyes deal with Bless Austin

The Seattle Seahawks look to continue their rebuild on the cornerback spot. The team hopes to ink a deal with former New York Jets star Bless Austin after his team let him go to make way for their rookies ahead of the 2021-22 season.

Seattle wants to get a CB who has a lot of grit in his games and experience under his belt. Bless fits the bill and it seems that talks are ongoing. All that is left for Seattle is to reach a point where both sides can agree with a deal.

This was one of the big moves for the Jets with the season closing in. Bless is the most experienced player in that spot that is filled by rookies. The Jets made the move a day after keeping eight players for the spot in their 53-man roster.

Bless, who started 10 games in 2020, was set for a price in the trade market but the team found no takers so far. That led the Jets to waive his deal, which is a surprise move since that he was expected to be one of their core starters.

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At the age of 25, Bless is now a free agent waiting for any team to take him in. That says a lot about his career as the Seahawks are the only team that is interested in him. This is his chance to redeem his worth and have a fresh start as well.

Bless has started six games as a rookie in 2019. He has eight passes defended in just 18 games since entering the NFL as a pick in the sixth round out of Rutgers.

Should Bless ever sign with Seattle, he joins the likes of Tre Flowers, rookie Tre Brown, and Nigel Warrior on the same spot. They also have John Reid and Michael Jackson on their practice squad.

Seattle has an open roster spot, so no move was needed to get Bless. The team looks to up its roster after a subpar run in the 2020-21 season where they were ousted in the playoffs earlier than expected. Bless should play a role in their quest for a Super Bowl run.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA