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Stafford stars in Rams debut with 34-14 win
Sep 15, 2021, 4:34:00 AM

Stafford stars in Rams debut with 34-14 win

Matthew Stafford walked into the postgame with a big smile after leading the Los Angeles Rams in a 34-14 win in his debut. The star proved that he can be a reliable leader for the team and kept his head in the game to push for a rout against the Chicago Bears.

Matt threw 321 yards and had three touchdowns in his debut. The star was quick to speak about his win for the Rams and he did not hold back his tears when the final buzzer sounded. This win is a sign of a great run to come for the Rams who had a dismal run before the star QB came to the squad.

With a sellout crowd of 70,445, the star left a great mark in his first game with the team. Teammate Jalen Ramsey said that there was a lot of pressure on Matt to play with grit.

‘I'm sure he'll be self-critical and he's going to have some things he wants to get better at, but his command, his swag -- like, everything was great’, said the star cornerback. ‘That's like a debut that should go down in history, just the way he played. I'm not all into the stats all the time - his stats was probably crazy, too - but it was a debut that was nice’.

Stafford tallied a passer rating of 156.1 which was his career-high as he made 20 of 26 passes. He did not waste any time to show that he can give the Rams the same pass plays with his air yards.

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The star played right and then rolled left before he spotted an open lane with some Rams running to safety all the way to the other corner. In a snap, Matt flipped his hips and squared up with a big pass that was picked up and later scored all the way to the goal line.

When the Rams traded Jared Goff along with three draft picks, there was a lot of doubt if the star could ever find a way to get back to his old form in the game. A veteran of 13 years, Matt needed a big game to show his worth and prove that the Rams can rely on him for wins for the rest of the 2021-22 season.

‘A lot of anticipation for this game. For me, it's a new experience, a new place, a new stadium, new fans, the whole deal. But this team has embraced me and I really appreciate that’, the Rams star said. ‘It felt good to go out there and play with them tonight, with such incredible players. I'm lucky to be a part of it and I want to try and do everything I can to try and lead this team to where we want to go’.

This was a great start for Matt, and it was a chance that the star did not waste to win.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA