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Nov 22, 2019, 12:10:00 PM

Texans leave it late for narrow win against Colts

Fresh from a heavy 41-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 11, the Houston Texans were not about to let it derail their playoff intentions as they recovered to defeat the Indianapolis Colts late on and move into first place in the AFC South.

Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins kept on combining for the Texans, who suddenly looked like they were prepared to use their strengths to their advantage and bully the opposition into submission at times.

By using their bigger players in the right areas, a solid defence was able to shut out the Colts whenever they looked like coming back into the game. 

Watson found Hopkins twice to get two touchdowns on the board, with an impressive 298 yards to his name alongside it.

The Texans looked like they were due another loss when Hopkins suddenly found the connection his team needed.

He was running long to make a 30-yard play when he just about held onto a Watson throw and made it over the end zone/ 

This took them from four points behind to a lead that they did not surrender again.

Bill O’Brien, the Houston coach, praised his side for how they came back from a bruising defeat last Sunday, admitting that the team came in on Monday for practice determined to put things right.

This win is vital for their playoff hopes, and they need to keep on top of the AFC South to ensure any chance of a good seeding going into the final matches of the AFC this regular season.

It was also a moment for the Texans’ defence to shine, after they kept everything quiet from the moment Hopkins jumped for that last touchdown.

Following that, they locked things down and failed to give the opposition more than a sniff that they might get back into it.

The Colts are now 6-5, and could have had the Houston record of 7-4 had they have won, but it was not to be.

Frank Reich, their coach, said that there were still plenty of opportunities left to win games, but they would have to start being more decisive in the final moments.

The Texans also found a boost from Will Fuller returning from injury, as he nailed seven catches and ran 140 yards to keep on pushing his side up the field.

They missed Fuller during his three games out, and will hope to have an injury-free roster going into these all-important last games over the next few weeks.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA