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The best and worst quarterback performances of NFL Week 12
Nov 27, 2019, 1:04:00 PM

The best and worst quarterback performances of NFL Week 12

Coming into Week 12, some quarterbacks were being talked about as being clearly in the MVP conversation, with some just a little way behind.

Those credentials were further enhanced and diminished as only the NFL can do in one week, with one player showing why he deserves to be one of the clear front-runners.

Baker Mayfield has been out of the running for most of the season, as his Cleveland Browns side continue to underperform.

However, a rare chance for him to showcase his talents came against the hapless Miami Dolphins.

Mayfield registered one of the best ratings for quarterbacks all week, and with two touchdowns in a 41-24 victory, he indicated that there could be more to come if the Browns can keep it together.

With Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr there as wide receivers, he now has two of the best in the league running through the lanes, and this should provide many more chances for him to distribute accurately to players who know how to catch and run.

One other aspect of Mayfield’s play that won him plaudits this week was how quickly he released the ball, considering that the Dolphins had a game plan to rush him as often as possible.

He kept the play moving and avoided being sacked, enhancing his play this weekend. 

Russell Wilson may have had a poor week given that he took six sacks, but his Seattle Seahawks team still found a way to win.

Wilson is always looking for the difficult ball to send his teammates into the best position to make it to the end zone.

These risky throws can make it hard for him to polish his stats, and that may dampen any MVP aspirations he has for this regular season, but if they make it as one of the top seeds, he may not care too much in the end.

It is impossible to discuss the best and worst performances of the week without discussing the sorry state of Aaron Rodgers and his limp Green Bay Packers side, who were destroyed by the San Francisco 49ers. 

Rodgers had to drop back so often, such was the impressive coordination of the 49ers offence, that he only completed 20 throws, even though he was checked back in play 41 times.

None of his passes were completed past the scrimmage line, and there were only seven attempts that even went this far.

If they are to make it any distance in the playoffs, they have to find a way to get him up the field.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA