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Nov 25, 2019, 1:18:00 PM

The key takeaways from Week 12 in the NFL

We are getting to the stage when every result carries more weight than it did the week before, and it seems that some sides are beginning to realise that they may not have many more opportunities left to drop games if they are going to make the playoffs.

Here, we take a look at the key moments from Week 12 in the NFL and see where that leaves the playoff picture. 

The Philadelphia Eagles came up short once again, a disappointing 17-9 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks underlining just how difficult they are finding it this season.

That said, the Seahawks are understandably going to be making life difficult given how well their defence is doing right now.

Seattle have only conceded two touchdowns over their last two games, and the one they shipped against the Eagles happened when they were already assured of a result.

This kind of play will boost their hopes in the playoffs immensely.

The Eagles will have to hope that they do not face many more sides of this calibre in defence, or they will find themselves out of the playoff picture.

Carson Wentz is underperforming at quarterback, and was hit by interceptions here in one of his worst performances of the season. 

They have one of the best closing schedules in the NFL, and now they need to make this count at 5-6 down.

The New Orleans Saints continued their run to 9-2, courtesy of a tough 34-31 win over the Carolina Panthers, when it could have been the Panthers who came away with the win on a different night.

 Carolina are now four games behind their rivals in the NFC South, and the Saints will feel that they have closed the lid on that one.

However, their leaky defence looks worrying, and they will need to sharpen up if they are to go far in the playoffs. 

The Cleveland Browns remain in playoff contention after a 41-24 win over the Miami Dolphins, one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

It may not be enough to get them past the regular season given their chaotic start, but the Browns are starting to gel in more ways than one.

Baker Mayfield threw for three touchdowns, his highest level of the campaign, and more of this may see them over the line. 

One of the surprise results came as the New York Jets blasted their way past the Oakland Raiders 34-3.

It greatly damages the Raiders’ playoff hopes, and gives the Jets a sniff with two easy games coming up.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA