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Dec 10, 2019, 9:43:00 AM

The race for the second seed in the AFC

This NFL season has already delivered what looks like a potential Super Bowl champion into first place in the AFC, as the Baltimore Ravens secured their passage into the postseason this weekend.

While they are not guaranteed first place, there are not many games left to change this track, and it is now the second seed that most people are starting to pay attention to.

The New England Patriots have now dropped three games, and the Kansas City Chiefs may feel that they can get ahead of them with that head-to-head advantage fresh from Week 14.

First, a word for the Denver Broncos (5-8), the Oakland Raiders (6-7), the Indianapolis Colts (6-7), and the Cleveland Browns (6-7).

All of these sides have so little chance of making it to the postseason, needing complete miracles to make it through.

At this stage, barring a series of very unlikely results, these teams have fizzled out already, and will have to start making preparations for the 2020 regular season pretty soon.

As for sixth spot, and the wildcard in the AFC, this gets a little more interesting.

The Tennessee Titans look likely to lose out at present, with Ryan Tannehill surprising everyone with a run at quarterback to see them to 8-5, but it may well be a case of too little, too late 

This leaves the Pittsburgh Steelers above them, in line to take sixth spot and the wildcard courtesy of a 6-3 record in the AFC compared to a 6-4 post for the Titans.

 However, this one could all come down to Week 17.

The Steelers face the Ravens in their last game, but will have to hope that Baltimore have already sewn up home-field advantage.

If they have not, somehow, then expect that a much stronger side will come out to crush Pittsburgh.

The Buffalo Bills have still got a lot to figure out – they are not guaranteed progression to the postseason, but it seems pretty likely all the same.

They need to navigate a way past the Patriots if they are going to finish higher than fifth.

At 9-4 compared to 8-5 for the Houston Texans, it may seem odd to find this side able to finish above them, but this is how the division splits work.

They can still go higher, but somehow finding leverage over a high-flying Kansas side with a clinched division is unlikely.

The Chiefs are still expected to finish below the Patriots. who will be gunning for second seed in the AFC if they cannot take first.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA