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Dec 4, 2019, 10:54:00 AM

What Week 13 meant for quarterbacks in the NFL

The quarterbacks are often the difference between good and bad results, even if they may need something a little extra on defence or offence from their teammates to help them deliver results.

Here, we take a look at the quarterbacks who were impressing in Week 13, and the ones who need to up their game if they are going to throw their team into the postseason with a last-gasp effort.

It is worth starting with Lamar Jackson, who is the MVP favourite at this stage, and with good reason. 

His juke-and-feint move in their Week 13 game saw the Baltimore Ravens win against their rivals the San Francisco 49ers, and given that they only won by a field goal, Jackson’s smooth play in a tight field was essential.

This week, though, the attention is on other players who have made headlines for other reasons.

Tom Brady seems to be getting more and more concerned about how his offence is being laid out in front of him, and he was clear in voicing his frustrations during the New England Patriots’ 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans.

In what is now his 20th season, there are plenty of indications that his superstar talents may finally be waning, and his completion rate is at his lowest level for quite some time. 

There is something to suggest that Brady could be throwing better, but also that his receivers are not pushing into lanes at the right time, and this is making it much harder for New England to be able to get to the line when they want to.

Without clearing this up, it could be a tense last few weeks for the Patriots as they look to get ahead of Baltimore for the top seed in the North.

Right now, they will need Brady to come up with something special once again. 

Josh Allen had what many are calling his breakthrough game for the Buffalo Bills as they had some surprise primetime coverage last Thursday thanks to Thanksgiving and its additional football spread for home viewers.

The Bills beat the Dallas Cowboys 26-15, and Allen was instrumental throughout with a rushing touchdown to wide applause, but let us not forget that he also threw five touchdowns in November.

This is good form for a quarterback who often goes under the radar – we could yet see more of it.

Words: Luke Donovan

Images: PA