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Why Jackson is a great option for any team
Nov 8, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

Why Jackson is a great option for any team

As the Los Angeles Rams opted to waive DeSean Jackson, the star is now on the hunt for his next home in the 2021-22 season. He is a good option for a lot of teams in the league to add to their squad in the long run.

The Rams took out a huge part of their roster by letting go of Jackson. He was one of the best scorers for the club and it was a shock to many why the Rams moved on from him when he has been efficient for them in the season.

LA did not get any trade partner for the star. Jackson was waived after the trade deadline, and it was surprising enough that early reports were seen as fake news. It wasn’t later when it was confirmed that the team made the move after all.

Jackson’s future hangs in the air. This is going to take some time for the star to attract a team that would need his services since he had a hefty $2.75 million salary back then with the Rams. He will surely be an asset to any team that would sign him for the rest of the season or even beyond.

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Jackson was a menace with the Rams

At the age of 34, Jackson showed that he can still break the game with his strong burst. His big plays are complemented well with his speed, which makes him a strong addition to any team in the NFL. The star is still praised for his huge games which gave the Rams a push in the 2021-22 season.

Jackson had eight catches for 221 yards on 15 targets in seven games with the Rams. While he did not get the minutes he hoped for, this is an opportunity for him to double those numbers while also getting more minutes as well.

The star has also nailed 620 catches for 10,877 yards and 57 touchdowns in his career with 17.5 yards per catch, a category he's led the league in four times. That says a lot about his potential to become a star for another team with just less than two months left for the regular season.

Being a strong option on the field made Jackson a reliable star for the Rams. They needed him to be the fast runner who could get a quick catch off the QB’s big passes.

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Jackson can adapt well with any team

Jackson has played for a lot of teams in the league, and this puts a lot of value to his name as one of the best stars today. He has earned a huge reputation for being one of the grittiest stars in the game.

The star works the same as Rob Gronkowski does for Tom Brady in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson is known for his strong presence in the end zone, which makes him a valuable asset for any offensive unit at this point in the season.

Jackson’s strong plays have also made him an icon on the offensive end. Aside from being a scorer at the end zone and his quickness, he is also a bright leader. His strong mindset has given him a lot of hope when he leads the charge at rushing down the field. This is why he can fit well with any team.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA