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Why the New England Patriots released QB Cam Newton
Sep 3, 2021, 3:23:00 AM

Why the New England Patriots released QB Cam Newton

The New England Patriots made a surprising move by releasing quarterback Cam Newton. This move was made because the Pats are focused on helping their 2021 NFL Draft pick Mac Jones to develop into a star. Let’s dive into what led to the Pats’ decision to let Cam go.

Most Pats fans felt that Cam and Mac would juggle some games at the starting position. However, the front office and the coaching staff believe that the young Mac Jones deserves a shot at the starting role full-time. It is a huge responsibility but it shows the trust they have in the young star’s development.

Cam was stellar during the first few weeks of his Pats stint but when he caught COVID-19, he struggled to return to his stellar self. This led to some displeasure from the fans, coaching staff, and even Cam himself.

It was a version of Cam that people didn’t foresee which is why the Pats wanted a long-term option as their QB. Most fans and pundits believed Cam will serve as Mac’s mentor but with this news, Mac will have to survive in a loaded role across the league.

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Belief in the young QBs

With Jones and Jarrett Stidham as the only QBs on the team, the Pats have embraced their future with these two options. Mac is seen as the better star out of the two but Stidham is not a bust by any means. He has played behind both Cam and Tom Brady before which means he has a plethora of lessons that he wants to use.

With these two QBs in tow, it was an obvious choice to make since the Pats want to succeed in the post-Brady era. It is also a good move for Cam because he will not be a free agent for long. You can expect Cam to land on his feet and sign with a good team that needs him to play significant minutes. He is a former league MVP and he will be a reliable option since he has made sure that he’s a healthy player after his bout with COVID in 2020.

Cam is not worried about what happened to him because he believes in himself. He said, ‘I really appreciate all the love and support during this time but I must say. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I’m good’.

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Mac Jones is the Pats’ future

Mac is seen as the number one prospect for the Pats. The organization is known for their stellar QB play largely due to Brady’s excellence for two decades but Jones is seen as the spiritual successor. They had a gap year with Cam as their QB but the team is intent on having Mac as QB of the present and future.

Veteran linebacker Dont’a Hightower is pleased with what he saw with Mac during training. He has done well with creating plays and reading defences which are the fundamentals of being an NFL QB.

The LB said, ‘Mac is a terrific kid. He works hard. Real smart dude. He’s going to go over the edge. I’ve been impressed with him since OTAs and how hard he works. I give him credit for that. Not a lot of young guys would see that as an opportunity. If you take that for what it’s worth, the kid works hard’.

It will be fun to watch this Pats team because Jones will have the chance to shine as the new star orchestrator of coach Bill Belichick’s offence.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA