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Anthony Gose's compelling journey back to the MLB stage
Sep 23, 2021, 3:16:00 AM

Anthony Gose's compelling journey back to the MLB stage

After he last played in the MLB back in 2016, Anthony Gose is back in the major leagues as a left-handed reliever. Back in the day, he was a fast centre-fielder. The role change was necessary for career growth and it has worked out well with the call-up to the Cleveland Indians.

Cleveland signed Gose to a contract from Triple-A Columbus to bring the roster to 40 men. Gose made his debut as a reliever against the Kansas City Royals which included a 100-mph fastball. Gose yielded one run but he also managed to score one walk and a strikeout.

At 31 years of age, Gose is already an older player which meant he needed to add dimensions to his game so he can be noticed by top teams. He almost made the Opening Day roster of the 2017 Detroit Lions as a centre-fielder but the way he was snubbed convinced him to make a role switch as a reliever pitcher.

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Gose has earned his MLB spot

Cleveland picked Gose up at the right time because he’s motivated to perform at a high level. He wants to stay in the major leagues and his performance for the Indians proved he deserves a spot in the 40-man squad.

Acting head coach DeMarlo Hale had a prior relationship with Gose when they were both with the Toronto Blue Jays. Hale knew the old Gose who was the speedy centre-fielder but as years passed, he changed his style.

Hale is proud of one of his past prospects now playing for the team he coaches. The coach said, ‘He's (Gose) earned the right. There was always a joke that, “Yeah, I can pitch.” And he pitched before he signed as an outfielder. He's always had a good arm and is a good outfielder as well. I think as talented and as athletic as he is, being a position player wasn't happening. I just think it's good that he wanted to keep his dream alive and make a decision to try to pitch with his arm. It's worked out’.

Gose now has a locked-in spot with the Indians

It is amazing to see Gose secure a spot on an MLB team again. Since he’s playing a brand new role, fans were surprised that Gose is now a pitcher. His opponents were also shocked because Gose has a left arm that can throw in the upper 90s and it can reach 100mph.

Pundits have seen Gose perform at this position and they are still surprised about what he has done in his short Indians stint so far. It will be awesome to see Gose carve out a role for himself in the Indians squad with these performances. He deserves the spot with how hard he has worked to come back in a vastly different style from before.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA