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Blue Jays crush Red Sox in 18-4 rout
Jun 15, 2021, 3:35:00 AM

Blue Jays crush Red Sox in 18-4 rout

The Toronto Blue Jays took down the Boston Red Sox in an 18-4 rout. The Blue Jays proved they are at the top of their game, and this was just too much for the Red Sox. The club keeps on scoring big and this is the beatdown they have been waiting for all season long.

Teoscar Hernandez led the way for the Blue Jays as they scored one run after another. The team has nailed a total of eight home runs in just 20 hits. They are on the verge to be the first team to ever hit 100 home runs - just one hit from doing so.

The Blue Jays showed why they are the best team when it comes to slugging. This win over the Red Sox is a huge show for them as they were simply better in every end. 

Those eight home runs have tied the record for the second-best in the history of the Blue Jays. The last time they did the same feat was in a 1987 game with a hit of 10. This is also the most home runs a road team has ever hit at Fenway Park. No team has ever homered a total of eight times over the Red Sox both at home and on the road.

Hernandez has done well in his games this year. After a slow start, he missed three weeks and later came back in May and even hit .343 and .959 OPS. Now, he is back into his groove and has been doing it all for the team.

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‘For me, it’s one of the best things that can happen to me right now’, the star said. ‘I am going to have more games like the one I had today with six RBIs, because they don’t want to pitch to Vladdy. He’s more than on fire right now. I think they’d rather pitch to me, not to Vladdy. I’m going to get more guys on base and that’s better for me’.

Coach Charlie Montoyo said Hernandez is his key player for this win, and having him next to Vladimir Guerrero is a win for his squad so far.

Hernandez is a big star on the batting side, and it seems to get good one game at a time. This is a boost to the Blue Jays’ hopes for a deep push even if they fail to come up with a trophy run.

‘It is like Shohei Ohtani having Mike Trout behind him. You don’t want to walk Ohtani, and then you have Trout’, the coach said. ‘Now, you don’t want to walk Vladdy, and you have Teoscar hot, with a good year. Not just this year, but he’s had success the last 100 games. This isn’t new’.

The Blue Jays kept their game at the top level so far, and they need to stay hot for the rest of the year.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA